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Amazon Marketplace: Driving Brand Growth

Building brand awareness is an ever-evolving challenge, and recent shifts in strategies reflect the dynamic nature of the digital landscape. The emergence of innovative tools such as Sponsored Brand Video, AI, streaming platforms, and retail media is compelling brands to adapt to new methods. Amazon, among others, has provided tools to facilitate this adaptation. Here are some ways your brand can drive more brand growth and ultimately build your business.  

Invest in Upper-Funnel Marketing  

In the dynamic landscape of digital advertising, agility and adaptability are crucial for driving brand growth. Recognizing that ads can serve not only as sales channels but also as brand-building experiences for a diverse audience is essential. Embracing an ‘always be testing’ mentality is key to keeping up with evolving consumer habits. It’s important to measure success in various ways, shifting the focus beyond traditional metrics like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 

For instance, in the case of Sponsored Brand Video, instead of just looking at ROAS, consider metrics like view time, engagement rate, and new-to-brand (NTB) rate. By focusing on these indicators, advertisers can gain insights into viewer engagement and predict downstream actions. Applying the “mom test” involves putting oneself in the consumer’s shoes to understand the shopper journey. This approach helps identify missed opportunities and optimal placements, providing valuable insights to educate internal stakeholders and refine advertising strategies. 

Activate During Key Shopping Periods 

Post holiday season, it’s notable that many brands opted to increase their spending during Cyber-5 week to tap into an audience eager to make purchases. Tentpole events, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day in July, present a valuable opportunity for introducing new brands to shoppers. According to an Amazon Survey analyzing 140,000 ad campaigns, advertisers participating in two tentpole events experienced a remarkable 37% increase in new-to-brand growth. 

Additionally, the survey revealed that 12% of customers who participated in tentpole events repurchased within six months, with an average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) 7% higher than those who didn’t engage in tentpole marketing. This highlights the enduring impact of tentpole events in not only creating initial audience engagement but also in fostering customer loyalty and increased returns over time. Leveraging tentpole events becomes a strategic approach for brands, serving as a means to build an audience for future retargeting efforts and identify opportunities for upselling. 

Engage Customers in the Right Places 

To effectively engage with your target audience, advertisers must maintain consistent tracking of customer behavior to comprehend key details and buying patterns. Leveraging various channels and channel types based on audience insights is crucial for establishing meaningful connections. Streaming content, in particular, has proven to be an effective channel for brand awareness, offering specific audience targeting benefits for Sponsored Display ads, given the heightened engagement of streaming viewers compared to traditional ads. 

When identifying where their audience resides, brands should not only strive to understand the community but also express genuine passion through authentic communication. It’s essential for brands to actively contribute value to the community, enhancing the overall experience for their audience. By aligning with the interests and preferences of their target demographic, brands can forge stronger connections and foster a sense of authenticity and resonance within the communities they engage with. 

Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time 

In addition to engaging with customers on their preferred platforms, delivering the right message at the right time is crucial. Advertisers can achieve this by leveraging granular insights into consumer behavior, allowing them to tailor messages effectively. Recognizing the potential value in customers’ carts is essential. Through audience insights, advertisers can craft targeted engagement messages that align with the immediate needs and preferences of their audience. 

For instance, creating distinct segments for various product categories and specifically addressing cart abandoners with personalized messages, such as offering discount codes, proves to be a strategic approach. This not only reengages potential customers but also taps into the opportunity to convert abandoned carts into completed purchases. The key lies in understanding customer behaviors and deploying timely and relevant messaging to enhance engagement and drive conversion. 

Adopt New Technology  

The role of video in the shopping journey for US consumers is significant, with a considerable number making purchase decisions based on video content. Shoppable Livestreams stand out as prime examples, providing an enhanced connection with consumers through features like live-chat and real-time shoppability. These experiences offer customers multiple benefits, including education, entertainment, product discovery, and inspiration. 

Amazon’s innovative approaches further demonstrate the evolving landscape. For instance, during the Black Friday football game, Amazon introduced “audience-based creative,” leveraging first-party data for precise, real-time targeting of diverse audience segments. This allows for customized messaging and actions within the same viewing moment, showcasing Amazon’s hyper-targeting capabilities as an ideal tool for marketers seeking to drive brand growth.  

Unlock the Power of Retail Media 

The deprecation of third-party cookies, coupled with shorter attention spans, has presented challenges in terms of scale and engagement. In response, building brand awareness through retail media is emerging as a potent strategy to address these challenges effectively. The focus on increasing branded shopping queries not only boosts brand awareness but also proves instrumental in achieving broader business goals. Brand-builders, particularly on platforms like Amazon, are experiencing significant advantages in areas such as Awareness, Consideration, and Purchases. 

Amazon’s introduction of goal-based campaigns for Sponsored Brands is a noteworthy development. This allows for the measurement of top-of-search brand impression shares. Brands leveraging this feature have witnessed an impressive 84% increase in sales attributed to their top-of-search impression share. This underscores the effectiveness of strategic retail media campaigns in driving both visibility and sales for brands in a changing digital landscape. 

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