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CPG Company

A leading CPG brand boosted sales by 37% with DoorDash Ads using Pacvue’s Dayparting and weekend bid boost

The Challenge  A leading brand in the highly coveted beverage category struggled to target customers with sponsored ads at specific times on the DoorDash Marketplace. This inability limited overall campaign performance and sales and forced the brand to take action.    The brand’s advertising team was tasked with maximizing campaign budgets and ensuring ads showed during peak […]

Consumer Goods

A leading hardline brand recaptured nearly $2M in leaked revenue with Pacvue’s Buy Box Monitoring

Background A top hardline brand aimed to optimize its operational efficiency and revenue growth by integrating sales operations with retail media advertising, streamlining processes, tracking the Buy Box, and leveraging valuable data insights. Approach Using Pacvue, the brand implemented ticketing automation and streamlined data aggregation from vendor central, resulting in huge time savings across the […]

Health & Wellness CPG

A leading CPG brand saves time and prevents revenue leakage with Pacvue Commerce

The Challenge  A health & wellness CPG brand with product cost of goods sold at $40+ million was having trouble solving for inefficiencies in their ticketing process.  The Solution  The brand turned to Pacvue Commerce’s key Alert feature to leverage ticket automation, which provided actionable recommendations and resolutions that saved a tremendous amount of time and […]

Home Improvement and Home Safety

A leading home improvement and home safety brand gained significant growth with relaunched ASINs

Executive Summary Relaunched ASINs gained significant growth in glance views and ordered revenue after one month of the new DSP strategy with Pacvue. Background A leading home improvement and home safety brand needed to relaunch 14 of their top ASINs on Amazon, after they were pulled from the site due to offsite conflicts. These newly […]

Baby Food

The Beech-Nut Nutrition Company’s optimized ad campaigns resulted in 66% increase in sales

The Challenge  Beech-Nut Nutrition Company, an industry leader in the Baby Food category, realized their daily ad campaigns for Snacks and Pouches across Walmart Sponsored Products were running out of ad spend every day before peak-purchasing windows. Worse yet, these missed opportunities were happening just as supply chain challenges were driving higher purchase rates across […]


Popular cookware brand profitably scaled to 8 figure sales on Amazon in one year

The Challenge  In 2022, a well-known cookware brand aimed at a lofty target: launch Amazon efforts and scale to 8 figures of revenue in less than a year.  To achieve this profitably, the brand needed to ensure they were increasing their advertising spend month-over-month without diminishing Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) in order to hit […]

Networking Hardware

Merkle improved Cisco’s ROAS by 22% on Amazon

Overview  Merkle, a global customer experience management company, used Pacvue to help Cisco, a networking hardware company, with optimization and increase ROAS across five markets (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy).  The Challenge  Cisco needed a more efficient way to manage eCommerce campaigns across multiple markets.  The Solution  Using Pacvue’s keyword research, rule-based optimization, […]

Healthy Food

BetterBody Foods improved ROAS by 28% on Instacart 

The Challenge  BetterBody Foods established a strong presence on Amazon but looked to capitalize on the growing eCommerce market by improving Instacart performance, as well as other online grocery channels. Their advertisers needed a way to manage eCommerce campaigns across multiple marketplaces while setting more granular benchmarks and rules.    The Solution  Using Pacvue’s keyword research, […]

Pet Food & Supplies

Nestlé Purina prioritizes budget on Prime Day with Pacvue

Background  During the 2022 Prime Day in the United Kingdom, Nestlé Purina ran a large number of deals across their portfolio on Amazon. They needed to ensure that they could maximize their sponsored ads budget to generate sales and outpace the competition while maintaining efficiency.    The Solution  To help Nestlé Purina achieve their Prime […]

Electronics and Appliances

Hisense increased Walmart Advertising ROAS 71.8% with Pacvue

Overview  Hisense is a major multinational manufacturer of electronics and appliances and one of the most popular TV brands in China. In early 2020, Hisense wanted to increase U.S. market share for its smart TVs.  The Challenge  When Hisense started advertising on Walmart, they immediately saw promising results that exceeded their expectations. Their campaigns on […]

Marketing Agency

OneStone used Pacvue to improve purchase rate by 10x for Essentia Water

Overview  OneStone, a full-service eCommerce agency, used Pacvue to help Essentia Water, the best-selling alkaline water brand in the US, improve their Amazon DSP strategy.  Through Pacvue and Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), OneStone justified increasing Essentia’s budget for a more robust Amazon DSP strategy. This allowed OneStone to create a more unified advertising approach which […]

Pet Food

Instinct increased ad sales 121% and grew their ROAS 33% on Amazon

The Challenge  Instinct had previously employed only single-ASIN advertising campaigns with a limited number of keywords. They also knew that they had a large competitor in their primary category on Amazon, and they were consistently battling for #1 Share of Voice in the category, especially for certain high-volume keywords.  The Solution  In January 2020, Instinct […]

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