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Automate campaigns for maximum performance

Optimize your advertising workflows and work more efficiently with rule-based automation, AI optimization, and campaign suggestions.

Eliminate manual work and improve performance faster

Reach more customers across 90+ marketplaces and retail sites. Activate smart campaign recommendations with a single click, templatize dayparting and budget management, and view performance side-by-side across retailers.

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AI-based optimization for expedited campaign creation

Using Pacvue’s unique AI, automate your campaign optimization based on your complex performance goals.

  • Dynamically optimize campaigns to reach performance goals faster.

    Utilize AI to dynamically adjust bids, budgets, and targeting for optimal performance across all ad types, including Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Product, and Sponsored Display.

  • Reduce time spent on routine campaign management.

    Allow automated intelligence to constantly monitor your campaigns and suggest adjustments in real-time, allowing your team to get more done.

  • Manage spend based on stock product volume

    Pacvue Commerce and Advertising integration enables advertisers to use actual retail signals to automate their retail media activations. Avoid losing organic and paid relevancy when becoming OOS.

Streamline campaign management with Automated Rules

Pacvue brings together ads and Commerce into one product suite allowing leading brands to automate advertising optimization based on dynamically updated retail signals to ensure they're showing the right product at the right time to grow topline sales.

  • Elimate hours of manual work.

    Automating rules to dynamically manage bids and settings saving your team hours of work each week.

  • Uncover high performing keywords and optimize your campaigns.

    Improve your keyword performance with Keyword Harvesting, see which keywords have the highest search volume.

  • Win crucial keywords and boost product visibility.

    Utilize Placement Modifiers, to ensure you have an effective way of winning the most important keywords and to verify products are being promoted on the most effective detail pages.

Reduce costs with smarter budget allocation management

Revolutionize budget management with precision – automate your monthly and daily budget pacing based on customized account and campaign goals.

  • Elimate hours of manual work.

    Automating rules to dynamically manage bids and settings saving your team hours of work each week.

  • Spend more efficiently for increased sales.

    Control when your campaign is likely to appear relative to peak periods of consumer traffic. Analyze purchase behavior based on the day of the week or month to ensure ad budgets run higher during peak periods and make the most of traffic spikes.

  • Gain control over budget without sacrificing goals.

    Automate monthly and daily budget pacing tailored to your goals.

Publicis Media harnessed the power of Pacvue's solutions to revoluntize advertising for L'Oreal. By leveraging rule-based automations and dayparting, they were able to curb out-of-budget expeditures during pivotal sales events and achieve a 140% increase in sales.

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Oceanwing, a leading wellness brand, leveraged Pacvue's advertising automations to improve TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales). Their optimized ad strategy brought them from 50% to 35%, a remarkable 15% reduction in advertising costs.

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Reckitt boosted ROAS on baby formual by 91% by utilizing Pacvue to centralize insights from Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), leveraging advanced targeting and segmentation features.

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