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Exceed sales goals with unified marketplace management

Integrate total sales, forecasting, profitability, and order metrics in one centralized platform, and maximize revenue across marketplaces.

Predict sales performance and uncover actions

Leverage advanced forecasting to predict sales and act on issues that impact performance. Identify products worthy of media activation to drive strong margins, and trigger alerts for issues that threaten sales, including out of stocks, listing hijackers, and outdated product listings.

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Prevent revenue leakage with dispute and chargeback

Overcome the persistent problem of profit leakage, and streamline reconciliation and dispute management with Pacvue's Revenue Recovery product. Seamlessly manage everything from invoice shortages and price claims to chargebacks and returns.

  • Safeguard your revenue.

    Tackle Amazon's stringent inventory requirements with streamlined resolution processes, minimizing revenue loss in the process.

  • Leverage automations to gain control over revenue leakage.

    Eliminate manual tracking and allow our team of experts to identify discrepancies that lead to revenue recovery opportunities.

  • Review purchase orders and trade agreements at scale.

    Pacvue thoroughly analyzes your CoOp agreements and matches it with real-time sales data. By pinpointing inconsistencies, we uncover revenue recovery opportunities to assist you in reclaiming lost income.

Forecast and measure sales with confidence

Accurate sales forecasting is a critical but tediuous exercise, made even more complex by an endless number of constantly occurring events that influence consumer consumption patterns. Leverage Pacvue's industry-leading predictive model so you can optimize your business operations.

  • Increase sales with precise forecasting.

    Pacvue's sales forecasting gives you the most accurate prediction of sales by aggregating data such as historical sales, average sales price, seasonality, out-of-stock rate, ecommerce events, and on-hand inventory or any other event that impacts sales.

  • Maintain healthy inventory stock levels.

    Advanced machine learning technology helps ensure your brand's inventory is in optimal stock levels and eliminates the risk of stockouts.

  • Identify your most profitable products.

    Ensure you are promoting the products with the highest profit margins by analyzing the financial performance of each product, and optimize your your campaigns accordingly.

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Faster resolution time

24–48-hour faster resolution time compared to previous process

12% increase in sales

Sabra leveraged Pacvue’s platform and saw a 12% increase in sales per conversion within one month.

Master the supply chain for maximum sales

Consolidate disparate commerce systems and bring inventory, sales, and advertising into one platform so you can better control all the levers that impact performance.

  • Reduce manual data compilation.

    Access purchase order and inventory information in one central dashboard, enabling you to quickly analyze and identify items requiring forecast adjustments in minutes.

  • Boost profitability with dynamic campaign adjustments.

    Create rules that automatically increase campaign budgets for products with high inventory levels to improve your sell-through rate.

  • Boost Profitability

    Master supply chain dynamics with precise order and inventory insights.

A single source of truth for all your retail data

Centralize sales and operations data within a single dashboard that highlights that most critical KPIs driving your commerce business. From sales trends and to stock levels, to traffic and profitability, you can make informed decisions that impact your overall sales.

  • Focus on solving problems instead of finding them.

    Pacvue's platform provides easy-to-use, self-service reporting, empowering your team to quickly glean insights from a vast set of traditionally siloed data and prioritize the most critical issues to solve each day.

  • Improve decision-making across teams.

    Bridge the gap between your sales, marketing, supply chain and finance teams to finally achieve data democratization. By merging all critical data sources into one view, your entire organization can make more informed decisions to improve performance.

  • Increase speed to resolution.

    Reduce the amount of time your team spends on compiling and analyzing data and leverage automations for recurring actions to save time and prevent lost revenue.

A leading CPG brand saves time and prevents revenue leakage with Pacvue's Revenue Recovery. In just one month, the brand gained a 24–48-hour faster resolution time compared to their previous process, resulting in almost $23,000 in prevented revenue leakage.

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Sabra leveraged Pacvue's platform for a full-funnel approach to advertising and saw a 12% increase in sales per conversion within one month.

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