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Unlock key category intelligence

All the commerce data you need to stay ahead of the competition, bid for first place, and measure total sales against your category.

Benchmark performance to win your category

Break down silos separating critical business metrics that impact decision-making, including sales performance, supply chain management, and retail media. Centralize data sources into one center of command for a comprehensive view across each business unit for optimized performance.

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Understand product relevancy with keyword tracking

Strengthen your keyword dominance. Leverage Pacvue's platform to monitor rankings, price, trends, and monthly searches.

  • Monitor Top Keywords For a Product

    Gain insights on ranking trends for key search terms.

  • Understand Product Performance in Real-time.

    Analyze ASINs, offering real-time product insights.

  • Uncover Insights for Better Decision-making.

    Uncover product prices, rankings, and reviews for strategic decision-making.

Keep Your Competition Close with Competitor Tracking

Provide lists of competitive products and Pacvue is able to crawl those products and report on price, sales rank, estimated units sold, listings changes and promotions.

  • Competitive Retailer Price Monitoring

    Price Tracking data can be tracked on Amazon as well as additonal retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and more.

  • Fast Responsiveness

    Identify price first movers.

  • Adjust Promotional and Ads Strategy.

Share of Voice Measurements

Pacvue's Share of Voice Measurements is able to provide users the ability to track the share of search of their products and brands based on the keywords of their choosing.

  • Keyword-Driven Visibility Metrics

    Measures product and brand visibility through chosen keywords.

  • Strategic Keyword Enhancement

    Analyze and enhance market presence with targeted keyword insights.

  • Impactful Brand Search Optimization

    Track and optimize your brand's search share strategically for impactful results.

A leading CPG brand leveraged Pacvue's integrated, advanced reporting tools to make data-informed decisions, resulting in highly effective DSP campaigns that resonated with their target audience, driving 14k net-new customers after Prime Day promotions.

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Tuft & Needle, a leading home decor company, experienced rising CPCs and utilized Pacvue's Share of Voice measurement to discover that a competitor was aggressively targeted their branded terms. After quickly taking action, Tuft & Needle is in a position to beat their competiton.

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