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Tag: Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Olly Multivitamins reduced CPC and improved campaign performance with automated dayparting

Overview   Olly Multivitamins, a trusted leader in the Health & Wellness category faced a challenge with their campaigns going offline during peak shopping hours on Amazon, leading to missed sales opportunities and hindered performance in the multivitamin category. To address this issue, they implemented automated dayparting with Pacvue Amazon Stream data, enabling them to optimize […]

Health & Wellness

Oceanwing improved TACOS & ROAS with Pacvue Commerce for a leading wellness brands

Overview  This case study showcases how Oceanwing, a top agency in the advertising industry, leveraged Pacvue’s advanced commerce platform to optimize the TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) and customer engagement performance for a leading wellness brand. Through the strategic utilization of Pacvue’s features such as Rule Library, Dayparting, and Bid Explorer, Oceanwing successfully implemented […]

Health & Wellness

A leading consumer health company leveraged Pacvue’s Commerce Rule Library and increased ROAS by 85%

Challenge: A leading consumer health company faced the challenge of quickly optimizing its Amazon advertising campaign performance. They aimed to allocate spending to media-worthy ASINS while increasing ad sales, making their advertising strategies more efficient. They also sought to improve Conversion Rate (CVR), Click-Through Rate (CTR), and Average Order Value (AOV) within 30 days. Solution: […]

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