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Oceanwing improved TACOS & ROAS with Pacvue Commerce for a leading wellness brands


This case study showcases how Oceanwing, a top agency in the advertising industry, leveraged Pacvue’s advanced commerce platform to optimize the TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) and customer engagement performance for a leading wellness brand. Through the strategic utilization of Pacvue’s features such as Rule Library, Dayparting, and Bid Explorer, Oceanwing successfully implemented an optimized ad strategy, resulting in significant improvements in advertising efficiency and key performance indicators. 

The Challenge 

The wellness brand faced challenges in achieving optimal TACOS and customer engagement, hindering the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns. To overcome these obstacles, they sought the expertise of Oceanwing to devise a comprehensive strategy that would maximize their advertising investment while driving better outcomes. Oceanwing identified the need for advanced tools and implemented Pacvue’s commerce platform to support its optimization efforts. 

The Solution 

Oceanwing implemented a targeted strategy to address the advertising challenges. Leveraging Pacvue’s powerful tools, they focused on three core tactics: Rule Library, Dayparting, and Bid Explorer.  

  • By utilizing the Rule Library, they automated campaign management by setting up rules to mitigate low-performing campaigns and reduce wasteful spending.  
  • Dayparting allowed them to invest resources during the most conversion-friendly time periods, optimizing advertising impact.  
  • With Bid Explorer, Oceanwing maintained a competitive position for core category keywords, ensuring a strong presence in search results. 

The Results 

Through the joint efforts of Oceanwing and the implementation of Pacvue’s commerce platform, this leading wellness brand achieved significant improvements in its advertising performance. The strategic optimization resulted in a noteworthy transformation of key performance indicators. Pre-optimization, the TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) stood at 50%, but after implementing the optimized ad strategy, it dropped to 35%, representing a remarkable 15% reduction in advertising costs. Moreover, the top-of-search click share experienced a substantial increase from 32% to over 40%, indicating enhanced visibility and market reach. These results highlight the effectiveness of Oceanwing’s strategic approach and Pacvue’s advanced features in driving TACOS and customer engagement optimization. 


Oceanwing and its utilization of Pacvue’s commerce platform demonstrated the power of advanced tools in optimizing TACOS and customer enagagement. By implementing the Rule Library, Dayparting, and Bid Explorer, Oceanwing successfully enhanced the effectiveness of the brand’s advertising campaigns, reducing costs and improving performance metrics. The partnership between Oceanwing and Pacvue enabled this leading wellness brand to achieve its advertising goals, leading to improved market positioning and better returns on their advertising investment.

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