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A leading consumer health company leveraged Pacvue’s Commerce Rule Library and increased ROAS by 85%


A leading consumer health company faced the challenge of quickly optimizing its Amazon advertising campaign performance. They aimed to allocate spending to media-worthy ASINS while increasing ad sales, making their advertising strategies more efficient. They also sought to improve Conversion Rate (CVR), Click-Through Rate (CTR), and Average Order Value (AOV) within 30 days.


The solution was clear—implement Pacvue’s Commerce Rule Library to drive stronger advertising strategies and allocate spend more effectively, directing it toward retail-ready products using the 1P Buy Box rule and Weeks of Coverage rule.



Pacvue enabled the brand to spend more strategically, directing resources away from underperforming ASINs and towards retail-ready products with a higher potential for success. The data analysis focused specifically on ASINs impacted by the rules, showcasing the direct impact of Pacvue’s Commerce Rule Library. The advertising strategy became more agile and strategic by driving spend towards power ASINS, demonstrating the tangible benefits of utilizing Pacvue’s platform.

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