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The Rising Popularity of Amazon Marketing Cloud and How Pacvue Makes It More Actionable

Amazon Advertising launched Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) beta in early 2021, a secure, privacy-safe data tool that enables brands to track the entire customer shopping journey on and off Amazon.

With so many brands eager to make data-informed decisions (and faster), Pacvue quickly integrated with Amazon Marketing Cloud to create a self-service dashboard that makes AMC data more accessible and actionable for users.

AMC is unlocking huge growth opportunities for brands looking to drive profitability. This article details why AMC has grown so popular, new features brands can consider, and how Pacvue’s AMC dashboard is giving advertisers competitive advantages in their categories.

Why AMC is Gaining Adoption Among Brands

Advertisers are increasingly requesting access to AMC to analyze Amazon DSP and sponsored ads data together for more holistic data-driven decisions. In fact, AMC has been pivotal in Amazon’s surging advertising business, according to Business Insider.  

By leveraging AMC, brands can gain insights into audience behavior and measure full-funnel media impact to boost sales performance. AMC provides event-level data, enabling custom attribution models and a better understanding of the net contribution of Amazon DSP. Combining Amazon DSP with AMC helps brands better understand their consumers’ shopping journey and achieve their DSP goals.

What’s New with AMC?

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) has recently integrated Sponsored Brands into its platform, offering brands more comprehensive tools to manage and optimize their advertising campaigns. The integration provides several benefits, including:

  • A more streamlined and efficient campaign management process.
  • Improved audience creation via a SQL statement, allowing brands to create more targeted and customized campaigns based on their goals.
  • Better customization options, giving brands more control over the way their campaigns are delivered and measured.

In addition to the integration of Sponsored Brands, Amazon Audiences has been improved with machine learning to deliver targetable ads on addressable and non-addressable media, reflecting Amazon’s commitment to effective advertising solutions for brands on its platform.

How to Get the Most Out of AMC

To drive the best results with AMC, Amazon recommends working backward by formulating the business questions you want to answer, then anticipating how you will use the AMC insights. AMC can also facilitate cross-functional ad teams, where data analytics teams work closely with marketing teams to plan, discover, and apply insights from the data.

Here’s an example:

A popular fashion retailer is set to launch a line of summer clothing on Amazon, via sponsored ads, sponsored brands, and display ads.  They might wonder how to best optimize the launch.

With AMC, this brand could access demographic data of past customers, popular search terms for keyword optimizations, as well as consumer behavior to inform pricing and advertising choices.

But AMC can be tricky for the average account manager to implement. Read this post to deep dive into how advertisers could make the most of Amazon Marketing Cloud.

Why AMC is More Powerful with Pacvue

Pacvue’s self-service dashboard provides visualized reports with customizable date ranges and user-friendly filtering to help brands make data-driven decisions quickly.  

Reports can be downloaded and securely shared, empowering everyone on the business team to answer pressing questions and craft smart strategies, including:

  • Data Management: AMC offers extensive data, but handling and obtaining valuable insights can be challenging. Pacvue simplifies data management for complex campaigns.
  • Campaign Optimization: AMC campaign optimization requires expertise in Amazon algorithms, bidding, and target audience. Pacvue provides optimization tools to make it easier.
  • Reporting: AMC has limited reporting capabilities, but Pacvue offers robust reporting tools to track campaign performance metrics over time.
  • Efficient Campaign Management: Pacvue’s automation tools streamline the manual effort required to manage campaigns on AMC, making it more efficient.
  • Multiple Channels: AMC is only focused on Amazon, but Pacvue provides a centralized platform to manage and optimize advertising across multiple channels, including Amazon, Walmart, and others.

Not only does the AMC and Pacuve integration make life easier—it also drives results.

OneStone helped Essentia Water improve its Amazon DSP strategy, driving the following improvements:

  • 52% improvement in return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • 10x lift in purchase rate for audiences exposed to both ad types
  • 3x increase in DSP ad spend

OneStone utilized AMC and Pacvue’s measurement and analytics tools to broaden their media mix strategy.

“Pacvue’s AMC Dashboard gave our team the extra inch of data we needed to justify a diversified media mix approach to advertising. With the Path to Purchase Analysis, Ad Overlap Report, and other out-of-the-box reporting, we could finally measure the full-funnel impact of each ad campaign.” — Chase Arnold, Senior Advertising Lead, OneStone

To succeed in the competitive Amazon marketplace, brands need to evolve their advertising strategies. Amazon DSP can help drive growth, but measuring its effectiveness can be challenging. Amazon Marketing Cloud and Pacvue can help map the value of efforts across the funnel, test new strategies, and achieve sustainable growth.

Ready to learn more? Get a demo to learn about harnessing data-driven discovery with AMC and Pacvue today!

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