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Pacvue Year in Review: Top Resources to Help You Kick Off 2022 Right

2021 brought yet another volatile year for brands and sellers with the emergence of mass labor shortages, supply-chain disruptions, and other heightened challenges such as commodity prices and out-of-stock issues. However, it also saw immense growth within the retail media landscape and spawned tons of new opportunities for businesses to capitalize on and increase their overall sales and profitability.

Amongst the countless exciting announcements from the organization this year, our most popular piece of content was undoubtedly the news of Pacvue joining Assembly, a connected eCommerce software and data platform, to further its mission to build the future of eCommerce and help brands win.

COVID-19 and its effects on the eCommerce industry certainly aren’t over, but with some foresight, you can be more prepared for the unexpected in 2022. Below are Pacvue’s most popular blog posts, webinars, guides, and news from 2021 to help you start the New Year with the latest best practices and trends.

Most Popular Pacvue Blog Posts

  1. DSP vs Sponsored Display: 5 Key Differences between the Ad Types

Understanding the key differences between DSP and Sponsored Display ad types and the goals they can help you achieve will allow you to better balance your Amazon ad strategy.

  1. What You Need to Know about Walmart Pickup & Delivery

As more and more consumers turn to online shopping for their daily essentials, groceries, and other household items, Pickup & delivery offers an important channel for brands to reach their audience. This article covered how Walmart Sponsored Products campaigns automatically started serving ads on both Walmart.com and Pickup & delivery placements (also known as “Online Pickup & Delivery” or “OPD”) back in March 2021.

  1. Pacvue Empowers Campaign Management and Optimization for Amazon DSP

Advertisers can now manage their Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) campaigns using Pacvue’s intelligent automation, reporting, and optimization SAAS tool suite.

  1. Improve ROAS with Amazon Product Targeting vs Keyword Targeting

Differences between Product Targeting and Keyword Targeting on Amazon, how to leverage product targeting to achieve strategic objectives, and more.

  1. Announcing Pacvue Commerce for Total Ecommerce Management

We recently announced a new product line, Pacvue Commerce, enabling brands to automate the operational side of their business as we continue to help unify the holistic eCommerce path to purchase with best-in-class software.

  1. Pacvue Integrates with Amazon Marketing Cloud for Data-Driven Discovery

Pacvue now integrates with Amazon Marketing Cloud and brings AMC data to life with a self-service dashboard and a collection of standard, visualized reports.

  1. How Ad Spend Impacts Competitors’ Share of Voice

How a top leading brand’s ad spend changes drove industry shifts in share, allowing competitors to capitalize on more efficient sales, leading to missed revenue and profits.

  1. Showcase Your Brand with Walmart Connect Search Brand Amplifier

Put your brand in the spotlight with Search Brand Amplifier (SBA), yet another cost-effective search ad product from Walmart Connect.

  1. Setting Up Pacvue Before You Leave for Vacation

Planning on taking some time off? Here’s a quick checklist of Pacvue settings that you may want to configure before leaving for vacation.

  1. Advanced Techniques to Grow Your Business Using Sponsored Display

Learn how to dial up the impact of your Sponsored Display campaigns with targeting techniques and new custom creative solutions from Amazon Advertising.

Most Popular Pacvue Webinars

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Advertising in 2021: Top Trends for EMEA Markets

Learn how to set your brand up for exponential growth in EMEA markets by understanding the latest trends and category-wise insights. This webinar has experts from Pacvue and Salsify analyze the most notable EMEA marketplace trends across growing economies in Europe and Asia.

  1. Q1 2021 CPC Report: eCommerce continues to accelerate

To better understand what happened during Q1 2021, we analyzed our advertisers’ data on Amazon to help brands make sense of the current trends and respond to shifts in the market. Watch the recording to learn quarterly trends around CPC, CPA, and ROI, what’s new in Amazon Advertising, industry insights and opportunities, the year ahead for eCommerce marketplaces, and more!

  1. Activating ICIP Data: A Brown Bag with Instacart

Tapping into the potential of first-party online shopping data is easier said than done, but one marketplace making it easy for brands to uncover insights is Instacart. The Instacart Customer Intelligence Platform (ICIP) data includes what consumers are buying, how they find items, and trends over time, alongside brand-specific performance metrics. In this webinar, learn how brands are taking action on this valuable data in order to craft a more relevant, efficient, and impactful strategy on Instacart.

  1. How Alcohol Brands Can Optimize Retail Media

With more people shopping online, now is the time for brands to shift to online marketplaces and new forms of advertising to reach customers. This webinar uncovers a current look at the alcohol eCommerce landscape, what types of content brands need to get started, advertising opportunities and rules alcohol brands need to know, and how to get started on Instacart.

  1. Retail Media Mythbusters: What Would You Believe?

Retail media is booming. By the end of 2021, retail media is set to account for one in eight digital ad dollars in the US, with investments expected to increase by nearly 28% this year. But with all the new retail media platforms and ad types, what’s myth vs fact?

Most Popular Pacvue Guides

  1. Staying Ahead: Winning Walmart with Paid Media

Download the guide today to gain insights and key strategies for Walmart’s paid media offerings and vital Walmart Sponsored Products benchmarks.

  1. Retail Media Flight Plan

Learn fundamentals of retail media, how to make smart investments across channels, and tips to achieve escape velocity with your campaigns.

  1. 2022 Planning Guide

To help you with your 2022 planning, Pacvue has put together a guide to help you prepare for another transformative year in eCommerce.

Cheers to another successful year of growth!

In August, I joined Pacvue as a Content Marketing Specialist eager to play an integral role in helping to build brand awareness and establish Pacvue as a thought leader. And boy what an amazing journey and honor it has been to get the privilege of working with the best of the best in eCommerce! I am looking forward to another year of progress with even more blog content from us and our partner agencies aimed at helping users crush their goals by scaling their advertising efforts much more efficiently. Cheers to another year of helping brands win by building foundations for long-term growth and profitability!

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