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Publicis Media achieved a 140% increase in sales for L’Oréal by harnessing the power of Pacvue Solutions to revolutionize their advertising efforts


Publicis Media, a prominent marketing agency overseeing L’Oréal, a global cosmetic giant, harnessed the power of Pacvue Solutions to revolutionize their advertising efforts. Together, they optimized campaign performance, curbed out-of-budget expenditures during pivotal sales events, and mitigated brand cannibalization on competitive keywords. In this collaboration, Publicis Media implemented a multifaceted strategy utilizing rule-based budget management automation, dayparting, and strategic budget allocation between Sponsored Brand and DSP. These endeavors collectively aimed to elevate sales, boost conversion rates, maximize ROAS, and attract a significant influx of new-to-brand orders. 

The Challenge 

Publicis Media faced three significant hurdles: optimizing campaigns for 28 brands in similar categories, controlling spending during crucial sales events like Prime Day, and tackling brand competition on competitive keywords. These challenges led them to seek innovative solutions to elevate their advertising strategies effectively. 

The Solution 

Rule-Based Budget Management Automation: Publicis Media leveraged Pacvue’s automation to increase spending during crucial dates, ensuring maximum impact. 

Dayparting Implementation: By utilizing dayparting, the team directed ad spending to times when customers were most likely to make purchases. 

Shifting Budget Allocation: Publicis Media reallocated budgets from DSP to Sponsored Brand, leveraging insights from Amazon Marketing Stream and Amazon Marketing Cloud to enhance bottom-of-funnel conversions. 

The Results 

The implementation of these solutions yielded remarkable results: 

  • 140% increase in sales. 
  • A significant 63% improvement in conversion rates. 
  • ROAS surged by 40%. 
  • A remarkable 53% increase in new-to-brand orders was achieved. 

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