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2022 Planning Guide

  • November 4, 2021

With 2022 quickly approaching, brands are facing heightened challenges in areas such as supply chain and commodity prices, causing out-of-stock issues, declining profit margins, and general headaches.

Meanwhile, the retail media industry is booming like never before. Gopuff and eBay launched new sponsored ad offerings; Amazon and Instacart are leaning into display ad types; and retailers are giving brands access to customer insights to make smarter marketing decisions.

The year ahead is going to be one of constant change, but the brands that build a foundation of long-term growth will be the ones that win.

To help you with your 2022 planning, Pacvue has put together a guide to help you prepare for another transformative year in eCommerce. In this guide, we’ll walk through six key strategic areas to focus on now to set yourself up for success in the year ahead, including growth drivers, budget fluidity, reporting, best practices, and more.

Identify 2022 eCommerce Growth Opportunities

Update your targeting strategies and diversify ad spend to invest in new marketplaces and ad types in 2022. This guide uses learnings from 2021 to take into the new year as well as practical planning tips to include in your 2022 strategy. Learn how to:

  • Take volume upfront
  • Pivot and learn quickly
  • Adjust your team structure
  • Capitalize on remarketing opportunities in January

 Get these valuable insights from Pacvue’s team of Amazon and eCommerce advertising experts. Fill out the form to the right today.

Insert Greater Flexibility and Resiliency into Your Ad Strategy

Brands continue to face heightened supply chain and inventory issues. Meanwhile, new ad types and retail marketplaces mean more experimentation. This guide will help you create a more flexible 2022 eCommerce ad strategy so you can adjust to changes on the fly. You’ll learn:

  • Granular measuring and reporting: Uncover gaps in your ad strategy with a more granular look at KPIs. For example, what time of day are campaigns running out of budget?
  • Budget Fluidity: Avoid a monthly budget lock-in and remain flexible in order to drive the most efficient spending. Plan to invest in growing platforms and new ad types with the ability to quickly shift your budget in and out of these placements.
  • Plan for inventory issues: Create inventory rules to automatically pause products that are low so you are not promoting out-of-stock items.

Adjust KPIs and Reporting for 2022

New marketplaces, ad types, and targeting strategies require adjusting the way you measure and report success in your eCommerce advertising. Download the 2022 Planning Guide to:

  • Use Share of Voice to uncover gaps in competitors’ bidding
  • Get granular with time of day budget measurements
  • Find gaps in your strategy across marketplaces and channels

 Download Pacvue’s guide to help your team adjust to new shopping behaviors and an unpredictable retail media landscape in 2022. Fill out the form to the right to get started.

Leverage New Retail Advertising Features

Amazon now offers features for Twitch audiences, bid optimizations, and custom creatives. Pacvue works closely with Amazon and other retailers to gain deep insights into new and upcoming features so you can prepare your strategy. Learn how to make use of these and other features such as:

  • Walmart Search Brand Amplifier
  • Instacart Daily Budget feature
  • Criteo placement bid modifiers
  • Target “More to Consider” ad placement

Complete the form to the right to gain these valuable eCommerce advertising areas to focus on for a successful 2022.

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