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Reckitt boosted ROAS by 91% with Pacvue and AMC insights


Reckitt, a leading consumer goods company, faced a challenge with their advertising strategy on Amazon. Enfamil®, a leading brand in the baby formula industry, wanted to increase its sales and brand awareness among new parents in the United States.  

The Challenge 

The current media mix was spread across search and display ad campaigns, but it was unclear how each was impacting sales. Amazon’s native reporting tools did not provide Reckitt with the real-time data needed to optimize their remarketing efforts. 

The Solution 

To address this challenge, Reckitt used Pacvue to centralize insights from Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), leveraging advanced targeting and segmentation features. This allowed them to pinpoint the optimal time to conversion within a 90-day period, driving more effective remarketing and loyalty campaigns. 

AMC insights also helped Reckitt identify the best-performing mix of ad media, showing that Sponsored Search (SP + SB) and Display (DSP) ads worked best together for driving overall conversion rates. 

The increased efficiency gave Reckitt more freedom to experiment with advertising strategies. Specifically, they were able to pilot full-funnel DSP strategies for Amazon-exclusive new product development campaigns. The company is also planning to have ad-attribution impact reports soon, which will help them determine the return on advertising spend (ROAS) of using upper funnel DSP, lower funnel DSP, and search ads together. 

The Results 

Leveraging AMC attribution, Reckitt optimized their media mix to run Sponsored Search (SP + SB) and Display (DSP) in parallel. This strategy led to impressive results in February 2023: 

Reckitt’s success with AMC insights showcases the potential for brands to optimize their advertising strategies with Pacvue by leveraging centralized data to drive more effective remarketing and loyalty campaigns, ultimately resulting in increased sales and ROAS.

The company’s partnership with Amazon Marketing Cloud also helps Reckitt stay ahead of its competitors by providing a powerful platform for targeted advertising and customer engagement.

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