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All smiles for Colgate, Amazon, GroupM, and Pacvue: a success story using AMC Audiences 


Colgate, a global leader in the CPG sector, is renowned for its exceptional legacy of over two centuries, delivering innovative and quality products in the oral care and personal hygiene space. With a presence in 200+ countries, Colgate’s diverse product portfolio extends well beyond oral hygiene, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.  

The Challenge 

Colgate faced critical questions regarding the optimization of their tentpole events. They needed to determine the most effective approach for targeting late-stage and early-stage customers during these events. Colgate was looking to understand if past shoppers were more likely to engage during promotional periods, and whether cross-selling to new consumers outperformed converting non-purchasers.   

The Solution 

To address these questions and elevate campaign performance, Colgate embraced Pacvue’s AMC Audience Templates and Reports. For this client and campaign, the Pacvue team knew we needed to move fast to get the most out of AMC Audiences functionality ahead of Prime Day in July. Pacvue’s AMC and DSP solutions enable AMC audience strategies that include historical promotional purchasers, cart abandoners, and new product purchasers. The goal was to drive repurchases, cart finalizations, and cross-selling. 

“In this case, AMC Audiences functionality was announced in May, just two months before Prime Day.  We adopted the feature immediately and built a robust customization tool and AMC audience template to make it easy for customers like GroupM to execute their custom strategy for Colgate.” - Melissa Burdick, President of Pacvue 

The Results 

The results were impressive. During the Amazon DSP campaign in the U.S. throughout July Colgate saw that engagement rates were above all benchmarks, total purchase rates improved, and total ROAS for the cart abandoners substantially increased.   

Colgate’s adoption of Pacvue’s AMC audiences led to redefined tentpole strategies and a better understanding of how to convert different cohorts of customers. 

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