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A leading CPG company successfully optimized Amazon Search & DSP performance for Prime Day and beyond


Over four months leading up to Amazon Prime Day and beyond, our client, a leading CPG company, partnered with Pacvue Strategic Services to unlock the full potential of their Amazon Search and DSP campaigns, leveraging Pacvue’s comprehensive solution to drive exceptional sales and incrementality during this high-stakes event. 

The Challenge 

The leading CPG manufacturer aimed to enhance the effectiveness of their search and DSP campaigns, with the goal of increasing sales, driving incrementality expanding brand recognition, and targeting New-to-Brand customers across their diverse CPG brand portfolio. 

The Solution 

The Pacvue Strategic Services team embarked on a mission to supercharge the performance of their Amazon Search and DSP campaigns, particularly during the high-stakes Prime Day event in July 2023.  

Their arsenal of strategic tactics included: 

  • Data-Driven Insights: By utilizing Pacvue’s DSP and AMC reporting and visualizations, the client gained profound insights into their campaigns. They could identify the most efficient customer journey, optimize creative combinations, and target high-performing audience segments. 
  • Strategic Precision: The integration of advanced reporting tools enabled the client to make data-informed decisions, resulting in highly effective DSP campaigns that resonated with their target audience, driving remarkable outcomes. 
  • Real-time Adaptation: The team forged a close partnership with the client, enabling real-time analysis of data and agile adjustments as the event unfolded. This flexibility proved to be a game-changer. 
  • Dynamic Dayparting: Leveraging tools like Pacvue’s Dynamic Dayparting streamlined costs and curtailed wasted spending, leading to record-breaking sales days on Amazon. 
  • Hourly Insights: Exploiting new data sources like Amazon Stream, which offered hourly insights as opposed to daily data, allowing for rapid responses to shifting competitive dynamics and the identification of fresh targeting opportunities to engage new customers. 
  • Strategic Flighted Approach: Employing a strategic flighted approach to the DSP strategy, the client leveraged the significant traffic generated by their Prime Day search ads. This approach allowed them to efficiently target high-propensity customers after the event, resulting in a substantial increase in new-to-brand (NTB) sales. 

The Results 

During the exhilarating two-day Amazon Prime Day event in July, the four brands managed by Pacvue achieved remarkable results: 

  • Impressions skyrocketed to an impressive 11.6million. 
  • An outstanding 23.7 thousand Clicks were recorded. 
  • The event generated a significant $110k in ad-attributed Search sales. 
  • A remarkable 6.7k Orders were fulfilled, surpassing lofty expectations. 

The success during Prime Day made a substantial contribution to the triumph of DSP campaigns: 

  • 14k net-new customers  
  • $211k in NTB Sales post-event 

Our client’s collaboration with Pacvue Strategic Services, powered by Pacvue’s comprehensive solutions, led to the optimization of Amazon Search and DSP campaigns. This strategic alliance resulted in remarkable achievements during Amazon Prime Day, showcasing the immense potential of leveraging Pacvue’s tools for success in the ever-competitive e-commerce landscape. 

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