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Why Aggregators Need Ad Tech to Scale

Amazon and direct-to-consumer aggregators like Perch, Elevate Brands, and Thrasio have become a hot new trend in the start-up world, raising nearly $7 billion in combined capital to acquire emerging Amazon sellers worldwide. Usually aggregators take a brand over, buying out the seller who started it, sometimes for millions. These aggregators are building up smaller brands with extra capital and supply chain support on Amazon and other marketplaces, using large-scale ad tech software and marketing solutions to boost the brands’ sales and grow them with huge success.

Some pain points right now for aggregator businesses revolve around the sheer number of profiles and SKUs that these emerging sellers have accrued, many times across a bunch of different locales. And that’s why these aggregators are turning to ad tech to achieve goals related to scalability and optimization. Without advertising software, sellers and aggregators will end up facing challenges such as wasted time, little catalog coverage, and wasted ad spend, preventing them from driving larger sales and profits for their businesses. Automated advertising software is a critical in helping these aggregators to access and better manage all eCommerce advertising in one centralized location, make better data-driven marketing decisions, and perform bulk operations for optimization and improved ROAS across multiple accounts. Furthermore, ad tech solutions provide aggregators with Share of Voice (SOV) and market share tools, empowering them with insights and a better understanding of the competitor landscape.

Pacvue is excited to partner with these aggregators through supplying our marketplace advertising and intelligence software as a part of their solution to help manage ad campaigns at scale on Amazon, Walmart, and other marketplaces. Build brand awareness, capture market share, and increase sales with Pacvue today!


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