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Using Pacvue During Q4 Inventory Challenges

Are you worried about running out of inventory this holiday season? With Q4 rapidly approaching, this blog post is all about how you can leverage Pacvue to overcome inventory constraints this holiday season. 

How to use Pacvue amid inventory constraints

Pacvue’s customized reporting gives you features to help identify which products have too much or too little inventory on hand, and the right tools that recommend adjusting your strategy to increase sales on slow moving products while reducing stock outs for fast moving products. We understand that having inventory constraints with the holiday season upon us is a very tricky situation to be in, and so we highlighted some tips below to help you harness the power of Pacvue to your advantage. 

  • Create inventory rules to automatically pause products that have low inventory or based on “weeks of inventory on hand” so you are not promoting items out of stock. 
  • Create bidding rules to lower bids on keywords advertising products that have low inventory. 
  • Create e-mail alerts on items that have low inventory. 

Ultimately, Pacvue allows notifications and automated features to help you manage your ads so that you are not pushing ad dollars to low inventory ASINs. Pushing ad spend to low inventory ASINs means that you are just spending money to go out of stock faster, and that is something you want to shy away from. 

You should also explore using other ad types, such as Sponsored Brands on Amazon or Search Brand Amplifier on Walmart, to promote your full product line and continue to build brand awareness throughout Q4. This will ensure that you create a pool of customers for remarketing after the holiday season, especially when your inventory levels increase again.

Why should you use Pacvue even when organic traffic is very high? 

Especially during the holiday season, shoppers more than ever want an easy and quick shopping experience. Many retail media sites have been moving the paid placements higher up the page so the first organic placement requires scrolling down. Therefore, without running ads, you will not be as discoverable. It is also still important to advertise when you have high organic traffic or a high organic search ranking, because there are more places than just the search where your ad can show. By using category-based advertising tactics on retailer sites, you can reach customers who are searching for a competitor or a related item which gives you the opportunity to steal market share from a competitor or even cross-sell your product. 

Additionally, just because you have high overall organic traffic does not mean your whole product catalogue has high organic traffic. Marketers can use Pacvue’s Share of Voice (SOV) data to help identify which ASINs and Keywords have high organic rankings. This data can be used to evaluate ASINs that have low organic rankings that could greatly benefit from increased spend to drive organic rankings. Likewise, it could also be used to identify which ASINs already have high organic rankings in which you would want to pull back ad spend on so it can be shifted to other ASINs.   

With eCommerce sales expected to grow this holiday season and this year’s latest shipping and logistics-constraints in full swing, we urge you to leverage the power of Pacvue’s tools and actionable recommendations in Q4 to manage your inventory more efficiently and stay ahead of your competitors.


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