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The Importance of Dayparting in Your Walmart and Amazon Advertising Strategy

Are there certain times of the day when running Amazon and Walmart Connect ads simply doesn’t make sense? In today’s post, we are going to cover the concept of daypart bidding, commonly known as dayparting, which is turning your ads off and on during certain parts of the day. The goal of dayparting is to be more efficient with your ad spend, but is it really worth your time and effort? Absolutely. If you don’t set up dayparting well or do not set it up at all, you will end up running out of budget too early during the day.  

The following use cases can help aid your Walmart and Amazon advertising strategies to reduce wasted ad spend, boost ROAS, and more.

Showing Ads During Peak Times

Peak times may vary by category (confirm with your buyer or WMC/Amazon Ads partner). Purchases tend to peak between Thursday as people prepare for weekend activities, and Sunday as shoppers stock up for the week ahead. We know that there can be an increase in clicks during infomercial hours (12am to 5am), but there tends to be low conversion levels during that time as users are more focused on window shopping during that timeframe. If you have limited budgets, one effective strategy is to pause campaigns from 12am to 6am, then decrease bids from 6am to 12pm to conserve funds, boost slightly from 12pm-6pm and then run freely through the end of day. This strategy should allow you to stay live during peak hours and by pausing at the start of the day, you can reserve your budget to stay live longer throughout the day. Additionally, you can schedule dayparting by day of week to make sure you’re leaning into peak shopping periods. You can also set start and end dates on dayparting rules in the event that you have a promotion or other key period where you are willing to spend more in order to win bids.

Get a Cheaper Cost-Per-Click

Let’s say you have a highly competitive product and you’re targeting a high-relevancy competitive keyword or target. Dayparting is particularly useful for smaller sellers and brands with limited budgets. It’s important to determine the top 5-10 keywords that your brand must be winning on, where you’re willing to bid more aggressively. You can then make sure you’re applying more stringent dayparting on lower-priority keywords, while boosting on the keywords your team determines as highest priority, whether they be competitor, category, or branded terms.

Eliminate Browse-Based Traffic

Shoppers may be browsing at odd times of the day when your ads reflect the least number of sales, which can result in ACoS reduction, higher ROAS, and improved click-through rates and conversions. This comes back to not pushing spend during infomercial hours. However, there are a few categories that it may be impactful to spend during these hours. Parents tend to shop after children are in bed and spend time placing orders/shopping while in bed themselves, so after 10pm. It’s important to understand your shopper demographics and mimic their activity within your dayparting and campaign structure to support their shopping habits at all relevant hours.

Pacvue Dayparting Feature Hourly Spend Chart
An example of what an Hourly Spend Chart in Pacvue’s dayparting feature looks like.

Dayparting Optimization

Pacvue’s dayparting feature allowed Hisense to control what time of day their ads ran on Walmart. By only advertising during certain hours of the day, they were able to cut wasted ad spend and focus their budget on hours where they saw greater results. After employing a dayparting strategy through Pacvue’s Walmart advertising platform, they saw significant improvement in their campaigns. Post Dayparting optimizations, Hisense saw a 227% increase in ROAS, 184% increase in CVR and an 18% decrease in CPC.

In another case, Pacvue’s dayparting feature allowed a leading global pet brand to control what time of day their ads ran on Amazon. The brand monitored their hourly ROAS performance as they adjusted their ad strategy and increased remarketing during peak periods.

Are you interested in learning more about how the Pacvue marketplace advertising platform can help you improve conversions and ROAS with dayparting and other ad optimization features? Request a demo today and one of our managers will walk you through our dayparting tool to show you how it could benefit your ad strategies with Walmart Connect and Amazon Ads.

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