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Quick Tips for Amazon Prime Day 2022

We all know Prime Day is one of the most important days for any Amazon seller. Bringing in over 11.19 billion in sales in 2021, it’s important to be ready and have your listings optimized and ready to go. Knowing what to focus on to fully leverage Prime Day is essential to getting big business. We’ll walk you through some key points to pay extra attention to and how Pacvue tools can help make Prime Day 2022 prep easier. Why spend more time than you need to deliver record-breaking sales!  


The most critical factor in having a successful Prime Day is having stocked inventory to support the heavy traffic that comes through Amazon on Prime Day. Promoting high inventory items will allow you to get rid of any surplus inventory and can support the high volume of traffic. In addition, making sure you are not running promos, coupons, or ads on any low inventory items during the week of Prime Day is important. Once you sell out, you drop rank extremely fast on your products, and they can take weeks to get back their organic ranking. Instead, focus on those high inventory items and run Sponsored Ads and DSP ads to help drive traffic to those PDP pages to help boost sales.

Audit Listings

Now we all know Amazon’s A9 algorithm is complex, but there are some quick and easy ways to ensure your products are getting Top of Search placements. Make sure all the listings you want to promote for Prime Day are retail ready. This means the title, bullets, description, A+ content, images, and backend keywords are optimized to show your products in the best way possible. The best way to help drive sales is to have a strong PDP page and auditing all your listings prior to Prime Day is key to having a successful day.  

New Opportunities

Amazon DSP metrics are super intuitive and give you detailed insights into audience shopping patterns to see their full path to purchase. One of those metrics is ATC (add to cart), and this allows you to see what products customers are engaged with but left abandoned without completing the sale. This is an excellent opportunity to create a promotion or coupon to help drive more sales on items left in the shopping cart, helping close the loop. Similarly, DSP halo sales is another great metric to see what products customers are buying that you might not be promoting. This gives you a chance to swap out product campaigns that are not performing well for products that customers are purchasing.  

These are a few important areas sellers should focus on when getting ready for Prime Day 2022. The Pacvue Advertising and Commerce suite allow you to quickly see all critical metrics in one platform to help you make quick decisions and implement strategies to help grow your business. Gone are the days when you have to go through dozens of reports to grab deep insights. Whether you need help with inventory, PDP pages, or DSP, Pacvue has all you need in one centralized platform with quick accessibility. With all you need in one platform, Prime Day 2022 just got easier to prep for.

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