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How to Grow Your Walmart.com Sales With 2-Day Delivery

The following is a guest post by Michael Krakaris, Co-Founder of Deliverr.

Walmart.com’s 2-day delivery program is a significant opportunity for online sellers to grow their eCommerce business outside and alongside their Amazon store – reaching a new audience of shoppers who prefer fast shipping. 

We’re here to explain what exactly Walmart’s fast delivery program entails, benefits, and how to get started.

What is Walmart 2-day delivery?

Walmart 2-day delivery is the official fast shipping program of Walmart.com, which guarantees online shoppers nationwide delivery for orders of $35 or more in just 2 days, for free.

Even better, there’s no monthly fee or minimum basket spend, making it an attractive shopping perk for online shoppers, especially when Amazon Prime deliveries are hampered. 

How to grow your Walmart.com sales with 2-day delivery

2-day delivery isn’t just for the benefit of online shoppers, either. There are 4 key ways that you can leverage Walmart 2-day delivery to grow your Walmart.com sales.   

Those include increased visibility, credibility, more chance of winning the buy box, and access to sponsored products.

1. Increased visibility

Although there’s significantly less competition on Walmart than Amazon, standing out in the search results is still fundamental for getting online shoppers to see and click on your listings. 

2-day delivery can boost your visibility on the Walmart marketplace by:

  • Making your listings visually stand out with 2-day delivery tags in the search results, on the item description, and above the “add to cart” button. 
  • Including your listing in any search results filtered by fast shipping speeds – something that Walmart prompts shoppers to do, by listing it as the first search result filter option. 
  • Pushing your listings to the top of the search results, with preferential search result ranking.

Example: Novelty sock seller, TeeHeeSocks, used Walmart 2-day delivery tags to increase visibility on the platform during the busy Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. Not only did their listings receive more clicks, but their sales rose by approximately 300% on the previous year. 

2. Credibility

Trust is an essential feeling to establish online, especially with shoppers relying on fast shipping guarantees for a personal care item or a last-minute gift. 

The Walmart fast shipping stamp of approval increases consumer trust in your brand by association with the household name, which can prompt an initial purchase and lead to repeat purchases. 

Example: Motherhood accessories brand, Kids N’ Such, leveraged 2-day shipping, and the associated trust to triple their sales from $15,000 per month to $43,000 a month.   

3. The buy box

The buy box on Walmart functions in a similar way to the Amazon buy box. When multiple sellers sell the same item, one seller becomes the default purchase option (i.e. they win the buy box), and the other sellers are listed further down the page. This naturally leads to increased sales, with many shoppers automatically clicking “Add to Cart” without realizing there are other selling options available.   

2-day delivery listings are automatically preferred for the buy box position, with products 36% more likely to win the position – automatically increasing your sales. 

4. Sponsored products

Sometimes, your listings need a little something extra to push customers over the “add to cart” line. Deliverr merchants who use us to fulfill 2-day deliveries on Walmart Marketplace are also eligible for Walmart Sponsored Products, marketplace ads that show your listings in key places. 

Using Walmart Sponsored Products ads, you can:

  • Target relevant shoppers through the purchasing funnel with search result, banner, and carousel advertisements; 
  • Bid for Product Page placements (called the Buy-Box); and
  • Add a “Sponsored product” tag to your listings  

Example: Ovulation and pregnancy testing kit brand, Pregmate, saw its conversions boost by 10% – 20%, after using Walmart 2-day delivery to access Walmart’s advertising features.  They used Sponsored Products and enhanced content to display FAQs and comparison charts that stood out and engaged shoppers in a different way to its competitors.    

So, how do you get to experience these sales-boosting benefits yourself?

How to get started with 2-day delivery

There are two ways to start selling with Walmart 2-day delivery:

  1. Seller-managed fulfillment

Walmart sellers can use their internal fulfillment function to qualify for Walmart 2-day delivery and ship qualifying items within 2 days, for free. To do this, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a 90-day history as a Walmart marketplace seller, fulfilling a minimum of 100 orders;
  • Offer a generous returns policy; and
  • Satisfy the following speed metrics over the last 30 days (20 orders within the last 7 days):
  • On-time shipping 95% or above;
  • On-time delivery 95% or above;
  • Valid tracking rate 95% or above; and
  • Cancellation rate of 1.5% or lower.  

To apply for seller-managed 2-day delivery, sign in to Seller Central and navigate to: Settings > Shipping > Request Access. 

Your application will be reviewed and processed within 48 hours, following which, you need to configure your settings and items for 2-day. 

2.Third-party-managed fulfillment 

Walmart sellers who do not have the resources, time, or inclination to fulfill 2-day deliveries in-house, can automatically qualify with Deliverr.  

To automatically qualify for Walmart 2-day shipping, sign up with Deliverr and connect your Seller Center account to preview the cost and confirm your participation in the program.   

Once automatically approved, you can then begin activating your fast shipping tags on Deliverr. And then, away you go!

TL;DR summary

Walmart 2-day delivery is a fast shipping program on Walmart.com that offers shoppers free deliveries within 2 days at no additional cost, for orders of $35 or more. Online sellers can leverage this program to increase their visibility in the search results, win the buy box placement, increase customer trust, and access exclusive advertising opportunities on the marketplace – all of which can help grow sales.  

What’s more, online shoppers love fast shipping because it satisfies their need for instant gratification and immediate joy – making your listings immediately more attractive. 

And, the best part: qualifying for Walmart 2-day delivery is easy – either use your existing fulfillment set up to ship items within 2 days or automatically qualify by outsourcing your fulfillment to Deliverr.

Note: Walmart just launched Express Delivery and they now have next day delivery options, too, which may be more compelling and timely.

About the Author

This is a guest post from Michael Krakaris. Michael is one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and the co-founder of Deliverr. Deliverr provides fast and affordable fulfillment for your Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and Wish stores, helping to boost sales through programs like 2-day delivery for Shopify, Walmart 2-day delivery, eBay Fast ‘N Free, and Wish Express.

Deliverr’s FBA-like multi-channel fulfillment comes with clear pricing, easy on-boarding and a hassle free experience so you can focus on growing your eCommerce business.


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