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Elevate Your European Amazon Game: Pacvue Commerce & Ads for Increased Profits

Selling on Amazon Europe offers a multitude of opportunities for brands to expand their customer base, tap into new markets, and increase sales. With access to millions of potential customers across various countries, the platform is an attractive choice for businesses looking to grow. However, brands also face challenges such as navigating large product portfolios and aligning cross-functional strategies for growth. Here comes Pacvue Commerce & Ads as a comprehensive solution designed to address these issues and help brands optimise their online presence, allowing them to fully harness the potential of the European market.

Leading brands like Nestle Purina, Cisco and One Stone use Pacvue on Amazon, Bol.com, and leading retailers like Sainsbury’s to accelerate full-funnel commerce growth. However, their journey is not free from challenges.

Consider the example of Kerry, the Director of eCommerce for a major CPG organisation in Europe. Kerry faces several challenges in managing the omnichannel retail data across all points of sale. Some of these challenges include having a global 360-degree view of omnichannel retailer eCommerce sales and operations, timely resolution of problems, managing sales beyond Amazon as other channels influence Amazon’s performance, and proving that eCommerce search and display advertising affects not only online sales but also influences in-store  performance. Furthermore, the lack of foresight into PO fulfilment and ability to predict inventory coverage and sales forecasts add to the complications.

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The Solution: Pacvue Commerce & Ads is tailor-made to help individuals like Kerry overcome these challenges. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to guide both manual and automated actions, streamlining decision-making processes. It offers a single source of omnichannel retail data across all points of sale, automating hundreds of hours of manual work and boosting cross-functional synergy. This gives Kerry’s eCommerce teams the ability to drive efficiency and gain a 360-degree view of their business.

Pacvue’s solution also includes tools for advertising, market insights, and end-to-end commerce operations. By automating and integrating various aspects of content management, inventory, and pricing optimization, Pacvue ensures that brands can efficiently manage their online presence.

Here are just some of the automations already available for us in Pacvue’s Rule Library 

After adopting Pacvue Commerce & Ads, Kerry experienced several benefits, including efficient content management, data-driven inventory and pricing optimization, and advanced advertising and assortment strategies. By leveraging the power of automation and integration, Kerry could efficiently allocate resources, maximise their visibility, and drive sales on Amazon Europe, ultimately increasing their market share.

Brands like Kerry’s have experienced substantial improvements across various aspects of their Amazon Europe operations after implementing Pacvue Commerce & Ads. Key inputs for establishing incrementality include brand maturation, category penetration, brand outreach, and basket value. Measurable outcomes achieved by using the Pacvue solution are a 3.6% increase in margin improvement, prevention of over $1.7 million in revenue leakage, and a 14% increase in promotional effectiveness. These remarkable results demonstrate the impact of Pacvue Commerce & Ads in optimising brands’ performance on Amazon Europe.

Pacvue Commerce & Ads is a powerful tool that helps brands overcome the challenges of selling on Amazon Europe. By streamlining processes, optimising advertising, and providing actionable insights, Pacvue empowers brands to achieve greater profitability and incremental revenue growth. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your European Amazon game—explore Pacvue’s offerings today!

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