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[Case Study] Marketing Agency Uses Pacvue to Improve Walmart Advertising Optimization and Reporting

An independent, creative marketing agency was working with a client on a digital media strategy that would increase their share of eCommerce sales on Walmart.com.

They found Walmart’s native ad platform lacked all features they were looking for, so they turned to Pacvue to provide the data, automation, and support needed to give their client the best return on ad spend possible.

After using Pacvue, they achieved:

  1. A 65% increase in ROAS
  2. Time savings of 45% fewer hours per week managing campaigns

The challenge

The launch of Walmart’s self-service advertising platform left the agency with many questions. Primarily, how would they be able to scale their strategy?

“Walmart self-service platform is fine if you have 10-15 different SKUs, but if you are advertising for 250+ products, Walmart’s platform falls short”. – the agency’s PPC team lead

The team found it difficult to do things like adjust keyword bids or item bids for many products at the same time. Walmart’s process was quite manual and involved a lot of repetitive steps that didn’t provide real value and wasted a lot of time. 

The reporting was time-consuming as well. It was difficult to produce the exact reports they needed without compiling individual reports.

The solution

To combat the challenges the agency faced with Walmart’s self-service UI, the agency turned to Pacvue.  

In addition to providing access to managing sponsored ads on Walmart, Pacvue’s platform offered an array of features that were simply not available through the native UI.  

“Pacvue is [already] where I would have expected Walmart to be when they launched when it comes to functionality.” – the agency’s PPC team lead

With Pacvue, the agency was able to go around the manual process of Walmart for adjusting keyword bids and item bids. The bulk editing tool made it possible to prioritize top-selling products with strong ROAS and increase bids at scale. In one month of using Pacvue’s platform, ROAS on those products increased by 65%.

Time savings on optimizations and scale

Switching to Pacvue’s platform didn’t only simplify processes, it also led to significant time savings. The team cut the time they spent optimizing by more than half.

Using Walmart’s UI, the agency could spend anywhere between 10-15 hours a week making manual optimizations. After switching over to Pacvue, the team was able to decrease the time it took to implement those optimizations by 45% with the bulk editing tools that Pacvue provides.

The time saved was put to good use. Moving to Pacvue, the agency was able to increase the number of optimizations on a regular cadence significantly. Additionally, they were able to easily scale up the advertising activities for their clients when it was crucial.

“Our client wanted to increase the spend on their products by 2x. Without Pacvue, we would not have been able to optimize at the scale required to increase spend profitably.” – the agency’s PPC team lead

Data-driven decisions with better reporting

Reporting was another aspect that became easier with Pacvue’s platform. Improved reporting enabled the agency to make data-driven optimization decisions and provide strong recommendations to their clients.

Pacvue reduced the time it takes to gather the right data points, with the ability to look at day over day trends on any level. The time savings were upwards of 4 hours per week, thanks to the ability to consolidate multiple reports in one, rather than downloading individual reports from Walmart and consolidating them after the fact.

Leverage share of voice data

The agency also made use of Pacvue’s Share of Voice data to monitor their client’s SOV and the SOV of competitors. Overall, these metrics gave an indication of how visible their client’s brand is and how saturated the conversations in the industry are. Apart from understanding where the brand truly stands in the market, this hard data allowed them to plan future campaigns that increase sales and ROAS.

“The use of Pacvue’s share of voice analysis gave us confidence in the keywords that we needed to optimize and provide critical information to our clients on how they stack up to competitors.” – the agency’s PPC team lead

With increased data and reporting to help guide their eCommerce advertising strategies, this creative agency is now able to offer their clients a higher level of service and return on their marketing spend.

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