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Budget Calendar Insights: A Dash of Insights Goes a Long Way

Learn How Budget Insights Can Help Increase Sales and Traffic

One of the most challenging aspects of campaign management and optimization is ensuring that algorithms show ads to relevant audiences when they are most likely to click on the ad or purchase your product.

And it can be a tedious process:

Currently, advertisers optimize campaigns by going through campaign reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to gather data and analyze when their ads perform the strongest.

But now campaign management can be much easier:

With Budget Calendar Insights, users can eliminate the pain points in campaign management and transform them into opportunities. This tool is available for all current Pacvue users and helps optimize marketing strategy and increase conversions by delivering insights that help improve campaign ROI.

Granular Purchase Behavior Reports to Analyze Customer Search Patterns

Controlling when your campaign is likely to appear—and pairing it across peak periods of consumer traffic—is next to impossible when you’re managing campaigns manually.

But Budget Calendar makes it simple.

Users can analyze purchase behavior based on the day of the week or month to ensure their ad budgets run higher during peak periods and make the most of   traffic spikes.

This feature lets advertisers get deeper insights into when customers are shopping for their products most during a given time frame. With these granular insights, advertisers can plan their budgets more efficiently to help increase their profitability and drive more sales. Currently, platforms do not offer such granularity in their reports; if they do, identifying the peaks takes time and effort. With the help of Budget Calendar, users get quick access to purchasing behavior trends to optimize their campaigns and budgets to increase efficiency.

Pacvue Budget Calendar

Manage Budget Pacing for Increased Campaign Performance

Most platforms lack a built-in tool to help control how your campaigns spend the overall budget. With the help of Budget Calendar, advertisers get key insights into purchase behaviors that they can use to create schedules that control and manage campaign spending and overall budget within a chosen timeframe.

With these insights, users can create customized calendars to control how they pace their budgets throughout the month. While setting up that calendar, users can take budget suggestions from Pacvue based on the last three months of data or create a custom strategy to have more control over spending allocation. Users can then select the profile or tag they would like insights for and generate the fluctuations by day of the week or month for the target KPI. Once the user hits apply to the model, budget allocation suggestions populate in the calendar below. This added granularity lets users get detailed about how they distribute advertising budgets, allowing maximum performance to drive more profitable sales.

Drive Sales During Marquee Events to Drive Sales

The Budget Calendar makes a great addition to any marketing strategy to help optimize campaign strategies and drive sales. A great example of when advertisers should use this tool is during key marketing events or on days when customer search volume is high, like Black Friday, Christmas, Cyber Monday, and more. During these critical sales events, advertisers can use Budget Calendar to ensure campaigns start pacing higher closer to those events to capture sales and take advantage of opportunities driven by increased traffic. More control over your budget and how it’s distributed allows users to customize their ad strategy and help streamline campaign optimization processes that drive efficiency.

Advertisers who own marketing strategies can control and manage budgets and campaigns to increase sales, profitability, and efficiency. It makes advertisers’ jobs easier by simplifying marketing campaign development and freeing time for strategic work. It’s an excellent benefit for any advertiser, especially those who make budget and campaign decisions. Use Budget Calendar to make better marketing decisions and more tactical and strategic business marketing plans.

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