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Hey Mondelēz, ready to take commerce to the next level?

Pacvue is the leading retail media and commerce solution, offering the most robust capabilities for grocery brands to grow sales and streamline operations across 90+ global retailers all in one platform.

Reach new customers, lower costs, and grow sales in one connected commerce solution.

Level up your commerce strategy with centralized data, campaign and operations management powered by automated workflows and integrated data.

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Trusted by leading CPG brands

One dashboard for every retailer, globally.

Mature brands need a single source of truth to move fast in eCommerce. Pacvue is the answer. One integrated platform for retail media, commerce operations and first-party data that every team in your organization can rely on.

  • Access every data point, in one place.

    Pacvue's open ecosystem ensures brands have all their data in one place. From advertising to supply chain and promotional forecasting, Pacvue makes your data accessible and actionable.

  • Instantly understand global eCommerce perfromance.

    Get instant insights into global performance across sales, advertising, supply chain and operations. With direct access to 90+ global retailers and 3P data sources like Profitero, NielsenIQ and Helium 10, Pacvue is an eCommerce exec's data dream.

  • Put an end to disparate, siloed data.

    To move fast, you need every team to have access to the same data to inform strategy and make decisions. Pacvue democratizes data, ensuring that sales, marketing, operations, and finance can quickly access, analyze, and share the data they need.

Tap into personalized insights to inform strategy, instantly.

Harness the power of advanced AI to supercharge your performance across advertising and commerce operations. From optimized campaign management to granular data analysis, Pacvue's AI innovations elevate your teams' commerce performance in seconds.

  • Work smarter and faster with Pacvue Copilot. Your personal AI eCommerce companion.

    Surface insights and get personalized recommendations based on your data by asking simple natural language questions.

  • Create hyper-targeted, personalized creatives with Pacvue’s Generative AI

    Accelerate campaign performance with custom product images generated by advanced AI, perfect for micro-seasons or lifestyle targeted campaigns.

  • Identify the exact data you need at the click of a button with AI Insights

    Get the "so what" out of your commerce data with recommendations to improve performance with the click of a button with our LLM integrated analysis.

Increase eCommerce Profitability.

Get granular with your CFO about eCommerce profitability without breaking a sweat. Pacvue gives you instant access to sales, advertising returns, and revenue recovery opportunities.

  • Recovery lost revenue due to chargebacks, errors and fines.

    Reclaim lost profits with a tech-first, expert-enabled vendor and seller dispute service. Trusted by the leading CPG brands, Pacvue delivers a 75% success rate for co-op charges at a fraction of the cost you pay your current supplier.

  • Automatically identify disputable invoices

    Automatically identify invoices eligible for dispute in vendor and seller central. Reduce time spent manually filing dispute and see results in days, not months.

  • Identify and recovery invalid charges

    Work with our team of chargeback experts to identify and prepare dispute evidence to increase chargeback recovery. Our team will proactively identify supply chain issues so your team can get back to strategic execution.

What Sets Pacvue Apart

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Get started within weeks with personalized onboarding from our team of commerce experts. Keep your team up to date with the latest commerce trends and strategies with access to Pacvue University and our exclusive live events.

Open Commerce Ecosystem

Pacvue eliminates the need for multiple data platforms. Our open ecosystem encourages integrated data from retailers, data partners, and your first-party data, empowering your team with a single source of commerce truth.

We Move Fast.
Really Fast

Pacvue is consistently first-to-market with the latest commerce innovations. As a trusted innovation partner to Amazon, Walmart and 90+ global retailers, we work on the cutting edge of technology so your team can move fast.


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increase in sales

Learn how Publicis Media achieved a 140% increase in sales for L'Oréal by harnessing the power of Pacvue to revolutionize their commerce

Publicis Media harnessed the power of Pacvue solutions to revolutionize their advertising efforts. Together, they optimized campaign performance, curbed out-of-budget expenditures during pivotal sales events, and mitigated brand cannibalization on competitive keywords.

Publicis Media for L’Oreal
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increase in return on ad spend

Learn how Reckitt boosted ROAS by 91% with Pacvue and AMC insights

Leveraging AMC attribution, Reckitt optimized their media mix to run Sponsored Search (SP + SB) and Display (DSP) in parallel. Reckitt's success with AMC insights showcases the potential for brands to optimize their advertising strategies with Pacvue by leveraging centralized data to drive more effective remarketing and loyalty campaigns, ultimately resulting in increased sales and ROAS.

Reckitt for Enfamil® on Amazon
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Results for Sabra


increase in sales per conversion

Learn how Sabra dives deep into Amazon campaign automation with Pacvue

The Pacvue team is absolutely amazing partners to work with, and their tech is top-notch. The ability to dive deep into our search campaigns beyond what we normally get with retailers or ad networks is really great. We can automate rules, implement day parting, get a ton of insights, and ultimately optimize to get better results than what we had in the past.

Sabra for Amazon
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increase in return on ad spend

Learn how Nestlé Purina prioritizes budget on Prime Day with Pacvue

By leveraging Pacvue’s technology with the strategic insights from the team at Performics, we have seen significant improvements in our Amazon performance. Utilising this specific budget strategy helped us to deliver our best ever Prime Day results and really set ourselves up for success for the upcoming events.

Nestlé Purina for Amazon
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increase in return on ad spend

Learn how Hisense increased Walmart advertising ROAS 72% with Pacvue

By using Pacvue’s reporting feature, Hisense was able to quickly identify which platform and placement performed best and make appropriate bid modifiers. After adding bid modifiers, Hisense saw a 72% increase in ROAS, 46% increase in CVR and a 10% decrease in CPC.

Hisense for Walmart
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“Pacvue has been key to scaling our premium pet food brand’s Chewy Sponsored Products program. Sales volume and efficiency have improved notably since onboarding. Campaign management is streamlined, allowing the Merkle and client teams more time to focus on big picture strategy and optimizations. Pacvue’s unique SOV reporting has also helped inform strategy with more visibility to competition.u0022

Associate Manager eRetail Merkle Learn more →

Nestle Purina ran many Prime Day deals across their portfolio on Amazon and utilized Pacvue to scale operations, resulting in 79% increase in return on ad spend

Sabra Learn more →

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