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Effortlessly Scale Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) Ads

Optimize your full-funnel ad strategy with granular targeting for every stage of the customer journey. Combine Amazon Marketing Cloud Data with powerful automation for your most effective Amazon DSP campaigns yet.

Trusted by leading brands & agencies

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Launch Full-Funnel Programmatic Campaigns with DSP and AMC

  • Reach new audiences

    Tap into highly targeted audiences based on first-party data from Amazon Marketing Cloud. Choose from pre-built or custom audiences tailored to your needs.

  • Scale campaigns rapidly

    Create new campaigns in seconds using pre-built templates for technical queries, strategic rules, audience segmentation and creative. We streamline the process, removing the complexities of campaign creation.

  • Unlock powerful optimizations

    Access a suite of advanced optimization tools paired with AMC insights to ensure strong ad performance across multiple channels. From smart budget allocation and dayparting to rule-based optimization and AI-driven suggestions.

"The insights from Pacvue have not only helped shape our strategy but allow us to continuously optimize and adjust our plan in real time to maximize our efforts."

Brianna McDaid Omni Strategy Manager, Nestlé

Scale Programmatic Advertising with Ease

Pacvue Amazon DSP Funnel

Full-Funnel Audience Targeting

Find the right audience to target throughout the customer journey with pre-built audience segments based on granular first-party data from Amazon Marketing Cloud.

  • Discover and target new-to-brand audiences

    Drive top-of-funnel awareness and attract new-to-brand customers with pre-built audience templates.

  • Cart abandonment and loyalty targeting

    Quickly launch retargeting campaigns to drive repeat purchases and convert customers with abandoned carts.

  • Create custom in-market and lifestyle audiences

    Easily target customers who are ready to buy with Pacvue's Deep Intelligence Algorithm to find competitor audiences and comprehensive scenario-based audiences.

Pacvue DSP Optimizations

Effortlessly Launch New Campaigns

Save time with pre-built campaign templates and rule-based optimizations. Great for teams new to DSP advertising or experienced teams looking to test new campaign strategies.

  • Create custom brand campaign templates

    Ensure brand consistency and efficiency when launching new campaigns with easy-to-customize brand templates. Make changes across multiple campaigns or ASINs in a single click with our bulk editor.

  • AI campaign set-up and creative creation

    New to DSP advertising? No problem. Launch campaigns in seconds with our Super Wizard AI for campaign creation and recommendations for high-converting creative.

  • Launch A/B tests to test creative and audience performance

    Quickly refine your DSP strategy with easy-to-launch A/B tests and reporting. Identify the right audience and creative to maximize your return on ad spend.

Optimize Performance with Automated Rules

Get the most out of your Amazon DSP budget with powerful automations and artificial intelligence. Launch optimizations from our rule library templates or create custom rules in seconds.

  • Automatically adjust bids based on performance or frequency

    Never waste DSP budget again with Pacvue's automated rule library allowing you to adjust bids based on performance or ad frequency.

  • Pause bids on ASINs based on Buy Box ownership

    Utilize Pacvue Commerce to integrate your Amazon Vendor Central Data and optimize Amazon DSP Ads based on real-time sales data at the ASIN level.

  • Dayparting & budget auto-pacing

    Maximize your programmatic budget with dayparting to schedule ads during optimal times of day or peak sales periods for events like Prime Day.

Trusted by leading brands to deliver award-winning Amazon DSP results

Prime Day Success


ROAS Increase During Prime Day

How Colgate and GroupM used AMC Audiences and Amazon DSP Ads on Pacvue to increase sales by 275% during Prime Day.

“In this case, AMC Audiences functionality was announced in May, just two months before Prime Day.  We adopted the feature immediately and built a robust customization tool and AMC audience template to make it easy for customers like GroupM to execute their custom strategy for Colgate."

Melissa Burdick, Co-founder and President of Pacvue
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Purchase Rate


Increase in Purchase Rate

How OneStone used Amazon DSP and AMC via Pacvue to improve purchase rate by 10x for Essentia Water

“The AMC Dashboard gave our team the extra inch of data we were needing to justify a diversified media mix approach to advertising. With the Path to Purchase Analysis, Ad Overlap Report, and other out-of-the box reporting, we could finally measure the full-funnel impact of each ad campaign. This tool validates the hand in hand relationship between DSP and Search ads."

Chase Arnold, Senior Advertising Lead, OneStone  
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Conversion Increase


Conversion Rate Increase

How Reckitt boosted ROAS by 91% with Pacvue and AMC insights

The increased efficiency gave Reckitt more freedom to experiment with advertising strategies. Specifically, they were able to pilot full-funnel DSP strategies for Amazon-exclusive new product development campaigns and identify the best-performing mix of ad media to increase conversion rates.

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