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Top Five Best Practices for Your Instacart Campaigns

  • November 17, 2020

Capture Instacart’s growing online grocery shopping market

How can your brand take advantage of the massive growth in online grocery marketplaces?

With consumer shopping behavior continuing to change drastically in response to COVID-19 and with no signs of slowing down, online advertisers must work hard to adjust their marketplace strategies.  

Instacart saw incredible growth in 2020, now reaching 85% of US households with service to over 25,000 stores.

 Competition on Instacart is already on the rise, and now is the time to identify gaps in competitors’ bidding strategies, run competitive conquesting, harvest long-tail keywords, and win top placements. 

Pacvue’s eCommerce experts used data from existing Instacart advertisers and our Instacart integration to put together the “Top Five Best Practices for Your Instacart Campaigns.”

In this eBook, we’ll share best practices for running Instacart campaigns, including:

  • How to best structure your Instacart PPC campaigns
  • Setting campaign budgets
  • How to exclude keywords from campaigns
  • Why you should break out campaigns by Product Segment
  • Tips on how and why you should focus on growing your Share of Voice

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Tailor a Strategy Specific to Instacart Advertising

To keep up with its rapid growth, Instacart continues to expand its advertising options, presenting opportunities for Featured Product ads and other ways to introduce products and protect in-store share of shelf. While marketers can utilize the data and insights they’ve gained from advertising on Amazon or Walmart, online advertisers should understand the importance of tailoring a strategy specific to Instacart.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Recommended keyword bidding strategies to maximize bid strength on Instacart
  • Separating campaigns to optimize advertising with Instacart’s Club SKUs
  • Workarounds for Instacart’s keyword limits
  • Why Instacart requires more granular bidding strategies

“We are thrilled that we are able to partner with Pacvue to unlock Instacart advertising as a new channel of growth for our brands. Instacart is quickly becoming a critical platform for us to reach our consumers as they make the shift to online grocery.” – Laura Hyland, VP of eCommerce US, Henkel

Capture Share of Voice on Instacart

Grocery delivery services and online grocery marketplaces are here to stay. With Instacart leading the charge, now is the time to get in early on this growing marketplace.

Take advantage of less competition and establish your Share of Voice with our Instacart advertising strategies:

  • Learn how to uncover gaps in your competitors’ bidding strategies
  • Use Instacart’s high conversion rates for competitive conquesting
  • Optimize your Instacart advertising budget to win top placements

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