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Pacvue Q4 2020 CPC Report

  • January 14, 2021

Amazon Ad Performance Metrics for the 2020 Holiday Season 

How did the COVID-19 pandemic and are scheduled Prime Day affect ad performance in Q4 2020? How should you adjust your Amazon ad strategy based on these trends?

Between Prime Day, Cyber 5, holiday shopping, and household necessities, it was an action-packed end to the year for most eCommerce brands and online shoppers.  

In our “Q42020 CPC Report”, you’ll find the latest Amazon CPC report from Pacvue, based on the largest dataset of Amazon advertisers. Pacvue analyzed the performance across categories to uncover the trends in eCommerce and share the outlook for the industry in 2021.

The Q4 2020 CPC Report provides:

  • Quarterly trends around CPC, CPA, and ROI
  • Full performance trends from 2020
  • Category-specific insights

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Vital Insights and AmazonPerformance Data

Benefit from access to Amazon performance data from thousands of advertisers in Q4 2020. We found that:

  • Spend on Sponsored Brand ads was up 65% QoQ as Amazon continues to lean heavily into this ad type to drive further adoption among advertisers
  • Conversion rates increased 10% forSponsored Product ads to an all-time high
  • ROAS for Sponsored Brand ads continues its decline from the growth it had seen earlier in the year, with Q42020 down 6% QoQ and down 11% YoY

Download the full report for access to both quarterly and monthly trends in CPC, ROAS, CTR, spend, and more for Amazon Advertising.

Monthly Ad Performance Data forAll of 2020

2020 was a volatile and disruptive year.Simply analyzing annual or even quarterly data isn’t enough to fully understand these trends and plan your ad strategy.

Download the report for detailed charts and analysis for the entire year. Gain insights such as:

  • In April 2020, CTR for SponsoredProduct ads increased 58.97%
  • September 2020 saw SponsoredProduct ads CPA increase 24.51% while CTR decreased 12.5%
  • In October 2020, Sponsored Brand ad spending increased 26.66% month-over-month due to Prime Day’s move from July to October

Get a complete picture of Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Product ad performance for all of 2020 in the full report!

Industry-specific Impacts from COVID-19

Did your industry see massive growth in 2020or did you struggle to meet sales expectations? With consumer buying behavior changing dramatically due to COVID-19, we look at specific industries that skew from the norm to help you tailor your ad strategy to your industry’s challenges and opportunities.

 Industry-specific insights include:

  • CPCs in the Toys & Games category increased 46% in November and 176% in December, compared to October2020 
  • December 2020 Electronics ad spend was only up 13% month-over-month
  • Ad spend for the Home &Kitchen category was up 33% in Q4 2020 as CPCs decreased 14.5% in December

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