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Amazon Advertising Guide: Implementing a Test & Learn Strategy for Amazon Advertising

  • April 21, 2021

Are your Amazon ads optimized? Are the tests you’re running to optimize Amazon ads producing actionable results that you can put into practice?

With consumers viewing product detail pages after only 1-2 searches and purchasing after considering only 2-3 products, optimized ads and content are key. With advertising strategies becoming more complicated and integrated, it is more important than ever to have a reliable way to test your advertising strategy and ensure you are learning from those tests.

Download “Implementing a Test & Learn Strategy for Amazon Advertising” to learn how to build a strong Test & Learn strategy that will help you optimize creative, keep CPCs efficient, and gain share of voice.

This valuable eBook provides you with insights on:

  • What makes a good Test & Learn
  • Guidance on Building a Test & Learn framework
  • Use cases based on successful Pacvue users

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Build a Consistent, Scalable Test & Learn Framework

Ensuring the best possible results in Amazon advertising involves setting and following strict testing parameters. You’ll learn the tried and true Test & Learn framework developed from working with thousands of Amazon ad campaigns.

This consistent, scalable framework includes:

  • Four steps to setting test parameters
  • Building testing capabilities and expertise
  • Steps to earning organizational buy-in
  • Pacvue’s monthly and quarterly Test & Learn calendars
  • Framework assessment and measures of success

Test & Learn Examples You Can Implement Immediately

What aspects of your Amazon advertising are you looking to optimize? This eBook is packed with valuable use cases highlighting different ways the Test & Learn framework can improve your ads. Included with these use cases are performance metrics and guides to help you see the same results – no matter what your goals are.

Learn how to deliver these results to your organization. Get the full report for details on how companies used the outlined Test & Learn strategies to:

  • Improve conversion rates 30% year-over-year by uncovering demand they were missing out on
  • Launch a hyper-granular DSP strategy to drive +1,500 bps gain in share of total revenue
  • Grow Share of Shelf and Organic Share of Voice by +133% in 2020, through a midyear increase in focus on keywords that drove highest incrementality
  • And more!

Download “Implementing a Test & Learn Strategy for Amazon Advertising” to put these examples into practice and start seeing results.

Stop Testing Without Learning

Are you already regularly running tests on your Amazon advertising? Do those tests result in a meaningful change to your goal metrics?  

This eBook ensures you’ll create tests that you can actually LEARN from and get enough answers to take immediate and impactful action.  

This eBook was put together by Amazon advertising experts working with hundreds of companies to develop the best strategies for testing.  

Stop spinning your wheels. Start improving conversion rates.

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