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2021 Planning Guide: New Year, New Plan

  • November 25, 2020

Ecommerce Ad Strategy Best Practices for a Transformative Year

One of the most transformative and disruptive years for eCommerce is over. ​How should you revise your 2021 eCommerce advertising to respond to the aftermath and plan for future disruptions?

What will the 2021 advertising landscape look like?

Companies that were able to ride the new wave of growth in 2020 will be looking to invest more heavily in eCommerce advertising in 2021. Brands that struggled through the disruptions of COVID-19will be looking to rework their advertising strategies to see strong growth in the new year.

To help you with your 2021 planning, we’ve put together the “2021 Planning Guide”to help you plan for another transformative year for eCommerce brands.

Plan Your 2021 Ecommerce Ad Strategy

Learn how to take advantage of the many opportunities for advertisers and overcome the expected challenges with helpful guidance such as: 

  • Growth opportunities in 2021
  • How to achieve budget fluidity
  • Reporting best practices to implement
  • Learnings from 2020 to take into the New Year

…and more! Fill out the form to the right to download the guide now. 

Anticipate New Growth Opportunities in 2021

Were you able to take advantage of the growth seen in 2020? Not every brand was.  

This guide provides insights from industry experts based on rising eCommerce trends to identify the best growth opportunities in 2021 and show you how to capitalize on them.

Learn about:

  • New marketplaces expected to grow in 2021
  • Recently introduced ad types onAmazon and other marketplaces
  • New tactics for targeting, bidding, and budget fluidity

 Don’t miss out on the massive opportunities2021 will present. Prepare your eCommerce ad strategy to respond to new ads and marketplaces and capitalize on another high growth year for eCommerce.

Practical Tips for Your 2021 AdPlanning

Get more than generic advertising advice.Focus on four key strategic areas, including growth drivers, budget fluidity, reporting, best practices, and more.

This guide makes the most of your time with practical, actionable strategies you can immediately start applying to your brand. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to get leadership buy-in for these strategies and avoid a monthly budget lock-in that can limit your flexibility.

Looking to adjust your KPIs and reporting?Learn how to report on Share of Voice and get granular with your metrics to improve ad performance and spend by time of day, audience segments, channels, and more.

Key Learnings from 2020

Learn from the past to prepare for the future.2021 isn’t expected to be as volatile a year as 2020, but it still provides advertisers with valuable insights into how to respond to rapid market changes.

Get interpretations on the key lessons from2020, including:

  • How to respond to surges in sales
  • Improving budget fluidity to respond to changes in ad performance
  • Identifying new success metrics based on last year’s performance

Fill out the form to the right to start planning the best eCommerce advertising year your brand has ever seen.

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