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A leading home improvement and home safety brand gained significant growth with relaunched ASINs

Executive Summary

Relaunched ASINs gained significant growth in glance views and ordered revenue after one month of the new DSP strategy with Pacvue.


A leading home improvement and home safety brand needed to relaunch 14 of their top ASINs on Amazon, after they were pulled from the site due to offsite conflicts. These newly relaunched ASINs lost each product’s previously built relevancy and purchase history. The brand used Amazon DSP to quickly win back sales.

Our Approach

  • Focused DSP promotion strategy on relaunched products
  • Use lifestyle and in-market targeting segments, with granular retargeting
  • Track performance across all of Amazon utilizing Pacvue ad tech

The goal is to aggressively promote hero ASINs that were pulled and then relaunched in order to rebuild product relevancy and to improve overall marketing efficiency.

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