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A leading hardline brand recaptured nearly $2M in leaked revenue with Pacvue’s Buy Box Monitoring


A top hardline brand aimed to optimize its operational efficiency and revenue growth by integrating sales operations with retail media advertising, streamlining processes, tracking the Buy Box, and leveraging valuable data insights.


Using Pacvue, the brand implemented ticketing automation and streamlined data aggregation from vendor central, resulting in huge time savings across the organization. By ensuring customer and operational issues were automatically routed to the right team member, issues were resolved quicker, customer satisfaction improved, and they saved hundreds of hours of time.

The brand also wanted to ensure its products were the top listed option in the Buy Box, knowing that this top placement would increase visibility and sales potential. With Pacvue, the brand was able to increase Buy Box ownership significantly and capture nearly $2 million in leaked revenue.

The brand also rolled out SKU-level profitability insights that they integrated with retail media efforts. This allowed them to optimize ad campaigns in Pacvue beyond ROAS to drive true profitability.


The brand was able to quickly implement proactive actions that helped them achieve their main goals of improving operational efficiency and increasing revenue.  

With the help of ticketing automation, the brand was able to quickly resolve over 300 tickets within just 24 hours, saving over 1,500 hours (about 2 months) of time, which they refocused on other important business tasks.  

Buy Box monitoring led to a 12% increase in Buy Box ownership and prevented $1.7M million in lost revenue. The brand also gained valuable data insights that helped them improve their promotional and coupon effectiveness by 14%, as well as achieving a 3.6% profit margin improvement across their retail media efforts.

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