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Updates to Instacart Ads Library Manager

This week, Instacart announced a few substantial updates to its Library Manager as they recognize accurate and high-quality product content is the first step to a successful eCommerce strategy.

The Library Manager enables your brand to directly edit and update product content (names, images, product attributes, etc.) on the Instacart marketplace, as well as claim and remove products that are not correctly mapped. Library Manager provides greater control over content quality and accuracy to ensure customers are seeing the best version of your brand’s products.

Library Updates & Enhancements

Starting this week, Account Admins will be able to edit a few additional fields. These new fields include:

  • Details
  • Ingredients
  • Warnings
  • Directions

In addition, Account Admins will be able to mark products with “Dietary Attributes” such as Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan, Sugar-Free, Fat Free, Organic, or Vegetarian.

How Library Manager Works

The Library Manager gives you the ability to directly edit product images and attributes, claim your products and remove products that are mis-mapped to you. After you submit any updates to your content, it will go through a human review process to ensure it meets all stated guidelines. Instacart will keep you informed of the status of your update from submission, to review, to approval, to letting you know when it’s live.

  • Ensure high quality & accurate content across your products on Instacart
  • Activate Featured Product where missing content or errors were blocking the ability to run campaigns
  • Have greater control over how your products are displayed on Instacart to optimize engagement with consumers
Updates to Instacart Ads Library Manager

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