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Unleash Your Amazon Advertising Potential: Effortlessly Manage ASINs with Precision AI and Latitude

Launching and optimizing new campaigns for multiple products on Amazon can be a daunting task for advertisers and brands, particularly in the face of high turnover rates with seasonal items. This can lead to an overwhelming amount of work required to ensure maximum performance for each campaign.

Luckily, AI technology is rapidly changing the way top marketing teams operate within retail media and overall commerce. At Pacvue, we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting innovation with Precision AI.

Precision AI and Latitude, Pacvue’s ASIN retail-readiness solution, are bringing retail automation to a new level. These powerful tools help advertisers and brands streamline their campaign management and drive campaign profitability with ease. Teams can focus on creative strategies and high-level tasks while AI handles the nitty-gritty details of campaign creation and optimization.

Campaign Creation with a Single Click

Creating campaigns for new ASINs while maintaining consistency is easy with Precision AI. Users can streamline their workflow and create campaigns in just a few steps, freeing up time and resources. The platform offers three different ad types to choose from, providing the flexibility to customize campaigns. By leveraging the latest AI advancements, advertisers are empowered to maximize their advertising potential with minimal effort.

Rev Up Performance with Automation

Brands know the importance of having always-on campaigns that efficiently promote mid to low-tier ASINs. However, manually optimizing these campaigns can be a tedious and time-consuming task. That’s where Precision AI comes in. The intelligent AI technology enables advertisers to set target ROAS/ACOS goals, ensuring that campaigns are constantly optimized for peak performance. With Precision AI, campaigns run smoothly and efficiently without tedious manual adjustments. Focus on other tasks while Precision AI optimizes campaigns.

Boost Profits with the Right ASINs

By using Precision AI with Latitude, advertisers can focus on the truly profitable ASINs and avoid wasting ad dollars, which can be a major challenge in eCommerce. Latitude helps identify retail-ready ASINs worth promoting with media support, ensuring campaign efficiency. Non-compliant ASINs are automatically replaced to maximize performance. With Precision AI and Latitude, advertisers can optimize ad spend and boost profitability.

Here’s How Precision AI and Latitude Work Together:

Imagine you’re a retail coffee brand launching a new line of products on Amazon. You have 20 different ASINs to manage, and you’re not sure which ones will be the most profitable.

With Precision AI, you can launch campaigns for each of your ASINs in just a few steps. First, you select the ad types that best suit your needs and let the AI technology do the work of optimizing your campaigns for maximum performance. Second, instead of manually monitoring your campaigns to see which ASINs perform well, and which perform poorly, Latitude automatically adjusts your ad focus on profitable ASINs and replaces under-achieving ASINs.

Scale Business Operations with Precision AI and Latitude

With Precision AI, advertisers can automate to “set it and forget it”, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their business while still ensuring campaigns are consistently optimized for maximum performance. Additionally, Latitude helps advertisers focus on profitable ASINs and automatically pauses and replaces those that don’t meet certain conditions, maximizing ad spend and profitability. Pacvue’s Precision AI and Latitude tools streamline the campaign management process and drive profitability for brands on Amazon.

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