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Sam’s Club MAP: Leveraging Brand Amplifier

In response to the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and trends, organizations are recognizing the importance of staying at the forefront of innovation. Sam’s Club is aligning itself with the latest advancements, enhancing its MAP offering through Brand Amplifier. These innovations aim to create additional touch points for brands to connect with members, simplifying the sales process for advertisers and enhancing overall convenience for the customer experience.

During a conversation between Pacvue’s Ryan Doody and Trent Chavez from Sam’s Club MAP, they explored the details of Brand Amplifier. The discussion covered the required creative assets, key advantages, and new metrics associated with leveraging the power of Brand Amplifier.

Conversation Takeaways

Highly Visible Sponsored Product Ad Placements

Brand Amplifier positions advertisers at the forefront of search results pages, providing prominent visibility for their logo, tagline, and directing members to dedicated brand pages. Advertisers can showcase one to four items simultaneously, and the Cost-per-Click layout ensures that advertisers only incur charges when members click on their ads. 

Grow Share of Voice

Reach members where they are and how they prefer to search. Brand Amplifier facilitates the process of building brand awareness and generating product consideration. Leveraging strategic placements of Sponsored Products, you can dominate more than half of the share of voice on a page, capturing consumer attention before they even scroll. By incorporating organic placements in the initial rows, there’s potential to secure over 80% of a page’s share of voice. 

Offers Offline Sales Attribution 

One of the intriguing features of Brand Amplifier is its ability to attribute offline sales. As Sam’s Club members engage with ads and proceed to make purchases, advertisers can track the entire journey from start to finish. This feature provides valuable brand metrics, offering businesses insights into the impact of Brand Amplifier. 

Easy Creative Setup

Initiating Sponsored Ads with Brand Amplifier is straight forward and user-friendly. Utilize your existing brand assets to kickstart the process. To begin, you only need a logo, a tagline, a URL for redirection, and one to four items you wish to highlight.

Flexibility for All Advertisers

Brand Amplifier is a versatile tool designed to accommodate advertisers of all sizes. Offering the flexibility to promote one to four SKUs, advertisers have a range of options based on their objectives. For smaller advertisers, the ability to launch and promote a single item to consumers is a viable choice. On the other hand, larger organizations can curate a list ofSKUs and promote them to members, fostering basket building. 

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To learn more about the key advantages of Brand Amplifier, watch the full interview with Trent Chavez on YouTube.  

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