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Pacvue Year in Review: Top Resources to Help You Start 2021 Right

With people returning to their home office after the holidays, one of the most transformative and disruptive years for eCommerce is over.

While many brands struggled as consumer spending shifted, online spending as a whole saw massive growth. And while brick-and-mortar retail declined this year, US consumers will spend an estimated $709.78 billion online in 2020. Seeing 5-10 years of eCommerce growth in six months is enough to keep advertisers busy, but that wasn’t the only effect of COVID-19. Sudden spikes in spending, inventory and supply chain issues, and increased competition all led to a very volatile year.  

COVID-19 and its effects on the eCommerce industry aren’t over, but with some foresight, you can be more prepared for the unexpected in 2021. Below are Pacvue’s most popular blog posts, webinars, guides, and news from 2020 to help you start the New Year with the latest best practices and trends.

Most Popular Pacvue Blog Posts

1. How to Get Started with Instacart Featured Products

Recent additions to the Instacart advertising platform, self-serve Featured Product ads in particular, have created new opportunities to introduce products, increase the market share, and even protect in-store share of shelf.  

2. Benchmarking Ad Performance on Walmart versus Amazon

Although the metrics you will find on both Amazon and Walmart are similar, two major aspects affect how they are calculated: attribution models and Walmart’s unique position as a relatively new advertising platform.

3. Walmart vs. Amazon: 5 Key Differences in Paid Search

Sponsored Products work quite a bit differently on Walmart vs. Amazon, so before you formulate your campaigns, consider the following key differences and how they might impact your bids, budgets and overall strategy.

4. How to Use Share of Voice Data to Optimize Your Ad Strategy

Want to really know how your brand is doing? Start tracking Share of Voice (SOV) to understand your position in the market. SOV covers both effective competitor research and brand health measurement, and it can provide a lot of insights into how to plan your ad campaigns.

Most Popular Pacvue Webinars

1. How to Integrate DSP Into Your Amazon Advertising Strategy

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads both on and off Amazon. While it is a great ad type to help brands increase awareness, is it the right ad type for your brand? And how should brands get started?

2. TikTok 101 and the Opportunity for Brands

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. In this webinar, we had a chat with Evan Horowitz, Founder and CEO of Movers+Shakers, the agency that’s breaking engagement records with unexpected digital activations.

3. 4-Step Roadmap to Walmart Advertising Success

We walked through their 4-step roadmap of advertising strategies to help you to succeed on Walmart.com with Atal Patel, VP of Solutions from SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder.

4. How Beauty Brands are Adapting Their Amazon eComm Strategy

What are the current eCommerce trends in the Beauty category, and what are some long-term shifts we expect to see in the space? We invited Rina Yashayeva, VP of Marketplace Strategy at Stella Rising to share how beauty brands can adjust their strategy for Amazon and eCommerce.

Most Popular Pacvue Guides

1. Top Five Best Practices for Your Instacart Campaigns

Instacart has seen massive growth this year; are you adjusting your marketplace strategies to keep up? Download this eBook to read five best practices for running Instacart campaigns.

2. 2021 Planning Guide: New Year, New Plan

To help you with your 2021 planning, we’ve put together a guide to help you identify growth opportunities and achieve budget fluidity.


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