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Pacvue 2023 In Review

It’s a bit surreal that 2023 is already behind us! At Pacvue, it was a fantastic year filled with celebrations of success alongside our clients, partners, and advocates. As an organization, we believe we’ve gained a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs and are committed to growing with their best interests at heart. Before we fully dive into the New Year, let’s take one last glance at the journey that was 2023. 

2023 EVENTS 

The Pacvue team had quite a journey in 2023, making stops from Las Vegas to Tokyo and everywhere in-between. Our team wasn’t just present at events; we took the stage, sharing insight into industry trends and unveiling new products. We proudly sponsored 8 industry conferences, hosted 2 Summits focusing on Kroger and Walmart, and organized 11 happy hours and numerous dinners to connect with clients and better understand their needs. While every event left an impact, here are a few standout moments. 


The year kicked off with a bang at Shoptalk, marking not only the beginning of a big 2023 but also the launch of our new Pacvue brand. Unveiling our refreshed look was a significant step toward stronger brand awareness, building trust, and aligning with our core mission. It set the tone for an exciting journey ahead.  


June brought a dynamic collaboration as Pacvue President Melissa Burdick joined forces with Amazon’s Jeff Cohen and Kenvue’s Kacie McKee and Nate Notwell in Cannes, France. Together, they delved into the complexities brands encounter, exploring the entire customer journey—from brand building to sales—and navigating the intricate landscape of engaging with customers effectively. The scenic setting of Cannes was also an ideal place to unveil our new Precision AI tool. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into this exciting feature in our product spotlight section below.   

Walmart Marketplace Seller Summit  

In October, we proudly sponsored Walmart’s first-ever Sellers Summit in Las Vegas. Our partnership with Walmart exemplifies our dedication to driving growth and success for online retailers, and we look forward to further collaborating with the vibrant community of sellers gathered at this landmark summit and beyond. Our goal is to offer valuable insights and tools that empower sellers of all sizes to succeed in the ever-evolvinge-commerce landscape. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment that equips sellers with the knowledge and resources they need for success on Walmart’s platform.  

Key announcements to the Walmart Marketplace platform included: Expansion to Chile, Brand Shops, enhancements to facilitate the exploration of items through personalized content, seasonal alignment, and localized merchandising, and the expansion of Walmart Fulfillment Services by introducing local pickup and delivery service to physical stores.                         


Our team returned to Las Vegas in September for Groceryshop, an event where the worlds of grocery, technology, and innovation converge. This event holds a special place in our hearts because it provides us with the opportunity to engage with brands of all sizes. Interacting with a diverse range of brands enables us to better understand the unique challenges and opportunities they face in the evolving landscape of e-commerce.  

AdTech Tokyo 

Members of our team attended the premier global marketing conference, AdTech Tokyo in October, bringing together the world’s leading brands, agencies, media, and solution providers. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to not only attend the event, but to have the opportunity to meet with our Japanese clients, partners, and teammates.   


President, Melissa Burdick delivered an insightful keynote presentation at Amazon Ads unBoxed in New York City alongside Lauren L. Lavin, Executive Director, Commerce, at GroupM and Diana Haussling, Senior VP &GM, Consumer Experience & Growth, CMO, at Colgate-Palmolive, shedding light on key trends and strategies in the rapidly evolving landscape of Amazon advertising. “Prioritizing Customers and Innovating Together” – This overarching theme encapsulated the essence of our collective efforts to deliver amazing outcomes for our customers. Our mission is to provide excellence by focusing on innovation and customer-centric solutions. 

Additionally, Kyle Kirkwood and Clare Hogan hosted twoHands-on Keyboard Sessions: “Retail Strategies to Supercharge Your Ads” -Our team members presented actionable insights on how to boost your advertising endeavors through innovative retail strategies. While Matt McGrory and Mika Takahashi of Merkle lead the session, “The Power of Collaboration: HowPartners Can Leverage Each Other for Greater Success,” highlighting the incredible potential that collaboration holds in driving success and achieving exceptional results in the world of advertising. 

Announced at the event, Pacvue and Helium 10 were selected as Beta Partners for Amazon’s latest innovation: Image Generation for Sponsored Brands (Beta). In the product spotlight section below, we’ll delve into more details about this tool and its potential impact on enhancing advertising creatives for both small business and enterprise brands on the platform. 

Look for our team at events in 2024, coming up:  

  • Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas (January 9-12) 
  • The Prosper Show, Las Vegas (March 4-6) 
  • Shoptalk, Las Vegas (March 17-20) 


In 2023, Pacvue’s product underwent significant expansion, introducing various features that enhanced the platform’s capabilities. From advanced AI tools to improved audience targeting, dayparting, mobile advancements, budget managers, and more, these releases aimed to provide users with a more comprehensive and efficient advertising experience. Let’s explore some of the standout feature releases from the past year. 

Sponsored Brand AI Image Generation Tool   

Unveiled at the unBoxed event in November, this tool is set to revolutionize your Sponsored Brands by leveraging Amazon’s AI-powered image generation. It promises to unleash personalized visuals with ease, saving valuable time and maximizing return on investment (ROI) during campaign setup. Learn more here.

Precision AI  

Introduced at Cannes, Precision AI is ideal for brands with numerous mid-to-low-tier products that require an optimized always-on campaign strategy to achieve a target ACOS/ROAS goal. It simplifies the process of efficiently creating multiple campaigns simultaneously. 

AMC Lookalike Audience Creation  

Released in September for Amazon DSP, the AMC Lookalike Audience Creation streamlines audience targeting, allowing advertisers to effectively expand their target campaign reach and enhance performance. 

Revenue Recovery 

Launched in August, Revenue Recovery Management is a comprehensive solution that addresses profit leakage for Amazon vendors and sellers through a powerful blend of automation technologies—powered by AI and Machine Learning (ML)–and extensive industry expertise. 

Subscribe and Save 

Introduced in June, the Subscribe and Save reporting tool is a Commerce feature designed to enhance sales and customer loyalty for brands. This tool enables brands to monitor activity, enhance metrics accuracy, and improve media performance. 

Full list of releases and upgrades include:  

  • SOV Cannibalization 
  • Mobile SOV 
  • PAT SOV 
  • Product AI with Auto Target 
  • Dayparting 
  • Super Wizard 
  • Campaign AI 
  • Anomaly Alerts 
  • Holiday Keyword 
  • DSP Audience Recommendation 
  • IC Display 
  • Sonar 
  • Commerce 3P 
  • Market Insights 
  • NielsenIQ Integration 
  • Periscope 
  • Profitability Targeting 

2024 Sneak Peek 

Planning to maintain a dynamic pace in 2024, we aim to introduce a host of new and upgraded features that empower our customers to boost sales, expand market share, and enhance their overall financial performance. On January 1, 2024, Pacvue celebrated 6 years of innovation, growth, and partnerships as an organization. We’re not just a platform; we’re a journey. Pacvue is the industry’s first Commerce Acceleration Platform, seamlessly integrating operations, retail media, and measurement all in one place.  

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