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New Enhanced Keyword Research Tool in Pacvue

In 2021, Pacvue officially joined the Assembly family to team up with the best of the best for the next phase of our growth and build the future of eCommerce together. Today, we are excited to announce that our brand-new Enhanced Keyword Research Tool is live inside of Pacvue. What better way to kick off 2022 than with news of a feature made possible by integrating Helium 10 data into the Pacvue platform! This is the first feature we’ve released as sister brands of Assembly, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Now, Pacvue users can conduct research, finding new and related keywords, by inputting a search of a keyword, an ASIN, or an existing AdGroup. The search results will return a list of related keywords. These results can be filtered by impressions and word count (e.g., if you only want to see long-tail keywords, you could show only 3+ words).

Pacvue Enhanced Keyword Research Tool - ASIN - Helium 10

You can also distinguish between broad and exact match types. The results include impression volume, sales volume, search volume trends (up or down), and sponsored competitiveness. And with just one click, users can add keywords to the relevant AdGroup.

Pacvue Enhanced Keyword Research Tool - Keyword - Helium 10

Why This Matters

Now with Helium 10 data, we have even more coverage of the keyword landscape on Amazon. Additionally, this feature goes beyond keyword suggestions and volumes for existing campaigns and allows users to do exploratory research and discover new keywords from scratch. This is so important because applications for this are beyond advertising, offering assistance with SEO copywriting, consumer trends, and more.

Improve your campaign performance and get products on page one faster using Pacvue’s new Enhanced Keyword Research Tool. Request a demo today!


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