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New ASIN PAT Research Tool in Pacvue

We are excited to share yet another brand-new feature inside of Pacvue, the ASIN PAT Research Tool, which is made possible by integrating Helium 10 data into the Pacvue platform.  

In Pacvue’s advertising module, when you click on an ASIN (either your own, or if you’re doing research into competitive ASINs to target), a new window will pull up with a ton of Helium 10 data, including:

  • Best seller rank  
  • Sales volume history
  • Reviews
  • A list of the top competitive ASINs

You can also easily take action with this data:

  • “Add PAT to” button: opportunity to add products to existing campaigns/ ad groups and adjust bids accordingly
  • “Go to PAT research”: see a ranking of category ASINs, where you can add products into an existing campaign or ad group at your desired bid level
  • “Add in ASIN to list” to develop ASIN lists in order to create campaigns tailored to your desired target (branded/competitor)
New ASIN PAT Research Tool in Pacvue - Helium 10 data

Why This Matters

Now with Helium 10 data, we have even more coverage of the ASIN landscape on Amazon and Walmart. With this feature, it is now easier than ever to see which ASINs you are and are not targeting within your category, which helps you to understand how products rank against each other in just one click. You can bulk up existing campaigns and create a new strategic approach to campaign optimization and targeting. You can easily see ASINs ranked to help narrow down your product targeting by relevancy when searching a specific ASIN.

We also announced the release of our new Enhanced Keyword Research Tool in January, which helps Pacvue users can conduct research, finding new and related keywords, by inputting a search of a keyword, an ASIN, or an existing AdGroup.  

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