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Introducing Pacvue for eBay

With over 152 million buyers and 19 million sellers, eBay is an eCommerce marketplace to keep on your radar. The brand has seen immense growth year after year, and it’s not surprising that advertisers are looking to add eBay ad campaigns to their strategy for 2022.

Pacvue’s integration with eBay Ads is a unique first-to-market solution for eCommerce brands. With programmatic bidding, detailed analytics, and automated media campaigns, you can now regain control by customizing the model to best suit your goals.

Recently, Pacvue’s Director of Partnership Ben Ryan Schwartz hosted a webinar with Stephen Weller and Christian Garcia Rinkert from eBay to talk about their latest integration. This blog will cover why the eBay marketplace presents a profitable opportunity for brands, an overview of all the paid media opportunities available to you today, and how you can optimize your eBay ad campaigns.

eBay as A Sales Channel for Your Brand

Research shows that 27% of eBay’s audience has no overlap with Amazon customers and 45% have no overlap with Walmart. This means the marketplace hosts millions of motivated buyers that wouldn’t find your brand on other platforms. Many major brands like Samsung, Adidas, and Kitchen Aid have therefore incorporated eBay as part of their omnichannel strategy.

In recent years, eBay has introduced a range of features to improve the quality of service, including an authenticity guarantee for listed items like trading cards, certificates for refurbished products, secure transactions with multiple payment options, and seller store enhancements to improve the overall shopping experience.

Unlike competitors, eBay doesn’t hold an inventory, giving sellers the unique opportunity to present themselves to their target audiences. eCommerce sales are expected to exceed $1 trillion in 2022, so tapping into eBay as a sales channel is a no-brainer for any brand looking to increase sales and take home large profits through big retail moments every quarter.

Overview of Paid Media Opportunities on eBay

As a marketplace, eBay holds over 25 years of channel experience and can outperform competitors in many ways. As eBay Ads Strategic Partner Manager Christian Garcia Rinkert puts it, “eBay is a modern marketplace, we are fully equipped with the latest tools and technology that sellers need to be successful on the platform.”

Current paid media opportunities on eBay include:

  • Promoted Listings Standard: The flagship Promoted Listings Standard advertising solution is a low-risk, high-return option for sellers looking to start eBay ad campaigns. With this, you only pay when your items sell, and easy automation with Pacvue makes it a popular choice.
  • Promoted Listings Advanced: The advanced solution follows a cost-per-click model that places your brand in the coveted top search slot and guarantees better visibility. Available as part of Pacvue’s integration with eBay, Promoted Listings Advanced are CPC-based, keyword-targeted ad campaigns for better velocity and predictability.
  • Promoted Listings Express: eBay also recently launched the Promoted Listings Express solution, with auction-style listings for ads at a flat fee. 69% of buyers have said their ability to find the brand was a top influencer for purchase. This makes Promoted Listings a fantastic way for you to get discovered by eBay shoppers.

One in five purchases on eBay starts from a listing in a top spot in search listings, so the added visibility boost can drive a lot of profits for eBay sellers. By staying competitive with suggested bids and keywords, and organizing your campaign with strategic ad groups, you can significantly increase your brand impressions and ROAS.

How to Optimize eBay Ads Campaign with Pacvue

Pacvue’s integration with eBay Ads allows you to consult true experts, learn the differences between ad campaigns, and choose the alternative best suited to your needs. When you can leverage all the tools at your disposal and save time without sacrificing performance, you exceed customer expectations and beat the competition.

Pacvue offers 4 key solutions to help you optimize performance:

  1. Competitive intelligence with share of voice monitoring and rapid product development
  2. 5-level automation with AI optimization to help you save time and increase sales
  3. Campaign optimization with budget tracking and daypart bidding for better control
  4. Flexible reporting with retail data integration and customizable dashboards in Excel

Compared to the marketplace’s native UI, Pacvue supports 8+ functionalities for sellers to scale faster. It also offers tools to analyze keyword performances, schedule reports, and modify page-type bids.

With this integration, Pacvue plans on rolling out many new features to incorporate eBay as a vital part of the retail media landscape. AI optimizations, budget management, and Pacvue’s Excel plug-in will all work to further optimize your ad campaign on eBay.

eBay has evolved into a highly competitive, upgraded, and comprehensive platform for both buyers and sellers. With one smartphone being purchased every 6 seconds and a sneaker every 4 seconds, the marketplace is definitely one to incorporate into your growth strategy.

For further insights on leveraging the eBay marketplace as part of your paid media strategy and key takeaways, check out the free webinar recording below.


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