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CES 2024 Unlocked: Essential Takeaways & Highlights

CES 2024 is officially a wrap, and whether you were racing between meetings in Las Vegas or catching up from the comfort of your home, the Pacvue team was on the scene to cover the most important events. During the event, there was a notable emphasis on innovation centered around sustainability, reflecting the technology industry’s response to evolving societal standards. Here are several noteworthy takeaways from CES 2024, encompassing insights from keynote speakers, breakout sessions, exhibition booths, and discussions in the hallways. 

Defining the Next Era of Beauty Technology 

L’Oréal CEO, Nicolas Hieronimus, took the stage for beauty companies’ keynotes, unveiling several significant announcements. He introduced new digital health products including the Meta Profiler, NEXA, and Microsoft Teams Virtual Make-Up. Hieronimus emphasized L’Oréal’s commitment to innovation saying “”invention and transformation has been at the heart of our DNA,” while showcasing wearable technology like Scentsation. Another highlight was the Water Saver, L’Oréal’s latest sustainability initiative. 

Walmart’s Vision for the Future 

During his CES 2024 keynote session, Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, outlined a transformative vision for the future, unveiling several innovative initiatives that are set to reshape the retail landscape. These include AI-Driven shopping experiences such as an AI-powered Exit Experience at Sam’s Club, Shop with Friends, InHome Replenishment, and Retail Search powered by generative AI. Walmart’s generative AI tool, “My Assistant,” will become more widely accessible to associates worldwide. McMillon also highlighted Walmart’s commitment to sustainability by significantly expanding solar usage, aiming to make clean energy more accessible and affordable for households. This reflects Walmart’s dedication to a people-first future and contributing to a better world. 

Walmart Activations & Connections Hub 

Walmart is keeping its focus on the future with the introduction of a 4D Experience known as Walmart Activation. It’s a mini ride that takes you into the future of Walmart and delivers to your door via drones. The Connections Hub serves as a meeting space designed for partners and clients to engage in discussions about the future. The unique environment allows for collaboration and exploration of upcoming trends and opportunities. 

Amazon Experience Activation 

In conversations with Jeffrey Cohen, Principal Evangelist, and Emerson Sklar, Chief Evangelist, of Amazon, the two expressed their enthusiasm about how ambient intelligence is poised to unlock greater freedom, convenience, and possibilities for everyone. The core concept of activation revolves around leveraging technology to simplify life, allowing individuals to focus on family and what truly matters. The activation journey spans from the moment you wake up to when you go to bed, showcasing advanced technology that can detect actions like coughing and automatically adjust air settings and activate humidifiers for optimal comfort. 

Amazon Ads Storytelling Panel and Ludacris After-Dark Concert

In a discussion on storytelling hosted by Carly Zipp, Global Director of Brand Marketing at Amazon Ads, the panel, featuring Christian Juhl, Global CEO of Group M, Lauren Anderson, Head of AVOD Original Content & Programming at Amazon Studios, Ronald Gladden, TV Personality, and Stephanie Chang, VP of Content & Global Editor at The Trust, WSJ, shared their favorite impactful books and explored the evolution of storytelling across various mediums. Stephanie Chang emphasized the audience’s desire to hear relatable stories, stating, “The audience wants to hear from people like them. Let that be the story.”

Amazon Ads maintained an energetic atmosphere with their After-Dark concert series featuring Ludacris, who delivered a performance of his number one hits and favorites from the 2000s. Ludacris showcased his enduring appeal with crowd-pleasing hits like “My Chick Bad,” “Act a Fool,” and “What’s Your Fantasy.”

Kroger Precision Marketing

In the realm of food and grocery retail, Kroger is embracing innovation to enhance the customer experience, aiming for frictionless and inspiration. Cara Pratt, Senior VP of Kroger Precision Marketing, shared insights at CES, highlighting the significant role AI plays in Kroger’s current strategy. By leveraging a comprehensive suite of offerings and tapping into its data science capabilities, Kroger is fostering a more connected experience between brands and customers. Brands utilizing Kroger’s AI-based audience strategy observed a notable 26% increase in incremental ad spend for their campaigns. Pratt emphasized the opportunity to make ads more relevant, connected, and supportive of customers’ lifestyles, catering to preferences ranging from healthier choices to convenience for those leading busy lives.

Alibaba.com’s Smart Assistant

Alibaba.com introduces new AI features to the Smart Assistant on its global sourcing platform. The Smart Assistant serves as an AI-powered guide, aiding small business owners in discovering opportunities, staying updated on trends, and managing orders efficiently. Launched in September 2023, the Upgraded Image Search and Smart Request for Quotation (RFQ) features have proven beneficial. Users of Upgraded Image Search experienced a 28% higher deal closing rate, and those using Smart RFQ received 29% more quotes from suppliers. Suppliers, in turn, saw a 21% increase in buyer responses to quotes compared to the original RFQ process. To promote entrepreneurial spirit, Alibaba.com has also initiated the “Entreprenuts” campaign, in which Helium 10 is participating. 

Expo Hall 

LG made a visually stunning reveal at CES with the introduction of transparent TVs. The LG Signature OLED T can switch between transparent and opaque modes. In transparent mode, it can display art, videos, and data while allowing you to see through it to the surrounding room. When it’s time to watch TV, the display transforms, deploying a contrast screen that showcases only the on-screen action. The transparent TV concept opens up new possibilities for integrating technology seamlessly into living spaces. Explore the future of transparent TVs here.

Connections Hub Chat with Destaney Wishon 

Our own Cassandra Craven caught up with Destaney Wishon in Las Vegas, and among the various topics, Walmart Marketplace’sannouncement of Brand Level Targeting took center stage. This expanded bidding offering from Walmart aims to empower agencies, providing them with improved capabilities to compete and secure market share from competitors. This shift in Walmart’s strategy aligns more closely with Amazon’s bid strategy, reflecting the evolving dynamics of the e-commerce landscape. 

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