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Boosting Profitability with Effective Amazon Strategy

The eCommerce landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, making it essential for brands and agencies to utilize effective marketing strategies to stay ahead. During a recent episode of Pacvue’s Profitability Unleashed, Caterina Dragà, Amazon Marketing Specialist at FordeBaker, discussed the strategies she helps brands deploy for long-term profitability and improving organic rank.  

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Understanding Client Goals and Objectives:

Tailored Strategies for Success

Caterina emphasizes the crucial role client goals and objectives plays in developing effective marketing strategies, adding that it’s essentially to understand the core objectives of your client, adding “Answering that question is really important to identifying the right strategy to pursue short-term and prioritize our efforts.”  

By identifying specific goals, such as sales growth or improved profitability, FordeBaker has been able to help brands determine the most effective strategies to pursue and prioritize efforts accordingly.

Adopting a Full-Funnel Approach and Co-Advertising:

Targeting Customers at Every Stage

FordeBaker adopts a full-funnel approach, targeting customers at various stages of the purchasing journey. By combining co-advertising with their full-funnel strategy, they optimize their clients’ advertising efforts and drive profitability.  

“When a customer goes to browse on Amazon, they’re already looking for a product to purchase,” says Caterina. “Our effort is to show them the best product to satisfy their needs.”

Luckily, Amazon Marketing Cloud can make this much easier to execute.

Using Advertising to Improve Organic Rank:

Enhancing Visibility and Profitability

FordeBaker recognizes the significant impact advertising can have for a brand. “Using advertising to improve organic rank can make a huge impact on your profitability long term,” says Caterina, as brands can enhance their visibility on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, driving more sales and improving overall profitability.

Well-Structured Account and Diversified Portfolio

Maintaining a well-structured account with a diversified portfolio is crucial for long-term success. FordeBaker advises their clients to create a balanced mix of promoted products, reducing reliance on a few top performers and ensuring sustainable growth.

“It’s really important to have a well-structured account with a diversified portfolio,” says Caterina. She emphasizes the need “to create a mix of promoted products with a good balance and avoid relying only on a few products that generate the majority of overall revenue.”

Niche Products for Profit Maximization

FordeBaker recommends considering niche products with lower traffic but higher profit margins when planning advertising investments. This strategy helps optimize the advertising budget and contributes to long-term success.

For example, an outdoor gear brand on Amazon might pair their bestselling tents with niche products, such as specialized camping accessories with higher profit margins.  

How FordeBaker Turns Brands into Amazon Best Sellers:

Customized Solutions for Optimal Results

FordeBaker’s success lies in their ability to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of enterprise eCommerce brands. By understanding their clients’ goals and objectives, and working with platforms like Pacvue, they develop world-class strategies that align with their clients’ vision.

Learn more about Pacvue and FordeBaker today. And follow Caterina Dragà on LinkedIn.


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