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Pacvue connects retail media activation with commerce operations

Join us in Cannes as we unveil our vision of connected commerce.
Connected commerce breaks down the silos that stifle ecommerce success. Put simply it is omnichannel retail execution designed to power accelerated eCommerce growth.

Through scalable partnerships with the world’s leading marketplaces and bidirectional data integrations with top providers like NIQ and Profitero, Pacvue’s connected platform empowers brands and agencies to accelerate online sales in an open ecosystem.

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"Solving that retail media challenge in terms of the complexity that is involved in having lots of brands, lots of markets as well as lots of retailers, we wanted a platform that can help us manage off of that chaos."

– Imteaz Ahamed, eCommerce Vice President of Sales at Reckitt

One Solution, Exponential Connections

Pacvue’s Commerce Acceleration Platform is the only solution empowering brands and agencies to fully connect retail media activation with commerce operations, merging all critical data points that impact advertising effectiveness into ONE connected solution designed to drive incrementality, profitability and market share.

Connect with Consumers

Our platform provides a more efficient way for brands and agencies to connect with relevant consumers via rules-based advertising automation, AI optimization, and campaign suggestions that increase ROAS, ACOS and new to brand sales.

Connect Data Silos

Combining our suite of advertising tools with the power of our Commerce Solutions, we connect the dots between traditionally siloed datasets (such as inventory data or digital shelf analytics) thus accelerating advertising effectiveness.